The old me

May 23, 2012

This blog has definitely turned into baby fest lately. I swore I wouldn't become a "mommy blogger" but wouldn't you know, I totally have! I guess being the naive newbie mom-to-be that I was, I had no idea that my life would be all about baby.

But in case you forgot, my name's Jessica. HI.

Remember me?

I used to be fun.

I used to have time to sit on the couch and get caught up on TV and celeb drama!

I used to have date nights and parties with friends.

I used to cherish every glass of wine. And every bottle of beer.

I used to do some serious shopping.

Now? I'm just Violet's mom. The lady who feeds her. The lady who changes her diapers. The lady who comforts her when she cries. The lady who puts ginormous bows on her head because she just looks so damn cute in them.

And I love it.

I know I'll be "me" again one day but for now, it's all about that sweet baby girl who has stolen my heart forever. And I am totally ok with it. It's going by so fast and I just want to enjoy every moment.

So if you're new around here or would just like to get reaquainted with the Jessica ME and not mom me, there's always my "About Me" section.

But for now, I'm in mommy mode and I'm happy with that. So thanks for sticking with me!


Holly said...

You totally deserve to be in mommy mode! Enjoy it :)

Faith said...

... and i still adore you. me being childless and all, haha.

besides Violet is adorable. i can't help but want to see pics of her!

oh and you're still fun. just now it is with a baby in your arms.

gin said...

I promise you mommy mode will get better, but for now, soak it in! I love hearing stories about your precious gal and I know it's therapeutic to write about her (having done it myself with my own little guy!)

Jean said...

yep. you're jessica, new mommy & still follow! :)

Cole said...

Wait. You're a new mom?!?! I missed that one! Kidding! You know I love you and baby V. :-)

Suze said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I was expressing some fears about becoming A MOM and I am just so happy to hear that you are loving it and enjoying it. Violet is a doll and she's lucky to have a great mommy like you!

PS I like the "baby fest" blog. :) I think it's cool because we read you before, and now we get to see you as a mom. neat!

Krystal said...

lol love this, is this what i have to look forward to ? ;) i like your posts -- mommy blog or not!

Cori H. said...

Girl, you know we love hearing about that sweet baby girl! We still love you and your blog!

Heather said...

I feel exactly the same!!

toi said...

it's easy to get caught in the mummy mode but it is always for a GREAT cause, i am a new mum too :)

Courtney said...

Well, it's so hard to mind when you've got a daughter THAT cute around ;)
I know you're still you and someday, (once sleep returns), she'll come back. Until then, keep doing what you're doing mama!

Anonymous said...

Now I want Chick Fil A! :o)
I have seen 'Don't Trust the B in Apt 23' on Hulu+. I may have to check it out.
AND the whole 'too many bags' thing, my hubby tries that on me all the time! I just find something he has too many of (video games) and throw that back at him. :)

Rachel said...

To be honest this is something that scares me about parenthood. I know that being a mother will change who I am so I will never be the person I was before, but I don't want people to suddenly categorise us as 'mum and dad' instead of 'Josh and Rachel'.

When we were away with a large group of old university friends a few weeks ago one of the people (jokingly) said 'oh well we can cut you off the guest list for next year once the baby arrives can't we'. I know he was trying to be funny but it actually hurt - I don't want our friends to feel that they suddenly can't be around us because we're busy with the baby!

I'm glad you're enjoying it anyway :)

Mrs. W. said...

I'm glad that you posted this - I've been thinking of saying something similar on my blog lately, because I feel the same way. i feel like people read my blog because of the fun NYC stuff we do, but now that is all changed and all I talk about is Ellie. But I know at the end of the day, it's my blog about my life, and Ellie is my life right now! So that's just how it's going to be.

And I love the mommy you - more pictures of Violet, please! :)

Cami said...

This is a super amazing post <3

RAY J said...

Enjoy it and don't feel bad about it - it happens ;-)

I tried to keep mine separate, having a separate baby blog, but more and more of my baby blog kept spilling over into my regular blog and well... Little Man is my life now so why bother trying to keep them separate? I eventually merged the 2 blogs and don't regret it one bit! Sure, I post plenty about kiddo, but I think I've found a good balance these days so that mommy/parenthood has fully taken over the good ol' blog! You're in full new mommy-mode though, so don't worry about it - you'll find that balance for yourself later down the road too ;-)


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