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May 17, 2012

There's a few random beauty products I'm obsessing over lately and I just wanted to share! Obviously I'm no makeup or hair styling expert so I wouldn't be the one to ask about fancy makeup brushes or what new makeup primer you should try (but if you have any advice about them, I'm all ears!). I'm just always on the lookout for fun, new products that actually work well!

I'm a frugal shopper with nearly everything so of course none of these products are expensive. They just make my life a little easier and since they're all drugstore finds, YOU TOO can be just as cheap fabulous as me! :D

I'm not sure if it's a makeup "faux pas" or whatever but I wear liquid eyeliner every day, whether it's to work, the grocery store or a night out. I've done this for years and probably will until I'm a white haired old lady! I just love the bright eyed look it gives me and how easy it is to make it "barely there" (the way I wear it 90% of the time) or to turn it into more dramatic cat eyes. I've mastered using liquid eyeliner the way I like but it's not for everyone. But if you're a fan of liquid, give this one a shot because it really has become an all-time favorite. The actual amount of product seems to last forever and when I apply it, it lasts me all day. It's water resistant too but sometimes my new mom hormones cause me a random sentimental cry and that usually cracks my liner a bit. But I doubt my daughter cares much ;)

Kinda funny but Ronnie is actually the one who turned me on to Burt's Bees years ago. When I met him, he constantly applied chap stick and his fave was BB! I knew of it but had never tried it so I gave it a shot and fell in love too. I was recently gifted a pack of the Shimmers and love these even more! This one is creamy and moisturizing and while it's not a lip stain by any means, it actually does last for quite a bit I think. My favorite color is Rhubarb (the one above) and don't let the "Shimmer" part turn you off, it's not shimmery at all. It's just a sheer bit of color. And I've gotta say, with their forces combined, my eyeliner and lip shimmer alone can fake a well put together mom who in reality only got 4 hours of sleep!

I bought this some time after Christmas from Target.com when it was the Daily Deal for only $2.50!! It's currently just $5.00 here and should totally cost more. With (or without!) the e.l.f. primer this eyeshadow is so easy to apply and stays put for at least my entire work day. The above is the cool palette but there's also a warm version. It's just so easy to find any color you need with this palette! The size of it isn't exactly teeny but it's not too big to throw in a medium sized makeup bag! I know everyone was talking about the Urban Decay Naked Palette for a while, which I'd still love to get one day, but for now this one works great for me!

Yet again another product that Ronnie turned me on to. (Seriously?) He uses this paste to do those random messy spikes in his hair and actually has a little technique going that's so cute to watch. ha! Recently I ran out of some texturizing stuff I was using so I stole some of his. I will never go back! This is perfect for keeping curls separated and keeping them put. I often style my hair in waves that I make using my flat iron and I seriously don't have to touch my hair all day after using this. And that's not to say it's because my hair's super stiff - not even close! It's lightweight and just has really great hold. My hair isn't oily so I don't know how it works on oily hair but for my processed hair, it is my favorite find!

So that's that! I'm sure most of you already knew about this stuff but if not, hopefully you found something useful! :)

Happy Thursday, y'all!

And F.Y.I., I wasn't paid to talk about any of these products, I just like them and wanted to share! But if any beauty product companies need my amateur self to do some testing, holla at ya girl!


Anonymous said...

I use that lip shimmer too! I usually apply a light/neutral lip stain first and then reapply this throughout the day...it's perfect.

Jean said...

i want to try BB :) i'm not big on makeup :/ nothing against it b/c i do use some :)

Cole said...

I'm such a fan of Burt's Bees! How cool that Ronnie turned you on to the brand. :-)

Lauren said...

I love me some Elf eye shadow :-) It's the best!

a.lee said...

Hi! Your newest follower HERE :)
visited via a link from Asha's Aspects.

Happy Friday!!!

I always love to hear about products that people like... esp. the cheaper stuff! :)



Christina said...

Yay! I love drug store beauty posts. I wear liquid liner. I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to! I gotta try some of that Burt’s Lip Shimmer! I have some of that e.l.f. stuff too. It’s fun to play around with color without spending a ton of money. Hahah! I love that you get beauty recommendations from Ronnie!

Heather said...

I'm TERRIBLE at liquid liner!!


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