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May 21, 2012

happy monday, y'all :)

1. Violet has really taken to her lovey, Bobo. It's amazing to see your child learning right in front of your eyes and I get giddy seeing her grab onto the lovey as if she really understands that she's supposed to cuddle and love him. Maybe not but I just love seeing her little chunk arms wrapped around him <3

2. I discovered that the people of Taco Cabana (or just the one by my house) really love dogs. Either way, Frasier scores. I went through the drive thru with him on Friday and they gave him his own cup of beef fajitas! Probably his proudest moment in life. Ronnie went again on Sunday and they gave Frasier more fajitas. I fear he could get used to that sort of thing.

3. My favorite time with Violet is in the morning when she's just been unswaddled, has a fresh clean diaper and is always so happy and talkative. I noticed on Saturday morning just how long and thick her hair is getting and I couldn't help but wonder what little hairdo she'll have as a toddler. Not like I'm in ANY hurry for her to grow that fast.

4. Ronnie and I are completely obsessed with the HEB (grocery store) by my office so we go all the time, even though it's not the closest one to our house. We dropped by this weekend for lunch and I had quite possibly the best sandwich ever. Turkey, mozzarella, basil pesto and salso pesto. Obviously it was good enough to have its picture taken.

5. That afternoon on the way home, I begged Ronnie to stop at Sonic so I could feed my addiction for Coke Zero + Vanilla. We got there exactly at 1:50 pm and you're crazy if you think I didn't make him park and wait the 10 minutes so we could order during the 1/2 off Happy Hour. That 10 minutes seemed like an eternity but it was worth it, my friends!

6. We've tried all kind of different tricks for bathing Violet but nothing works because she still screams throughout each bath. She cries like we're hurting her but she seems to forget what comes after. She gets lotioned, massaged, comfy pj's and put to bed. Which I'm sorry, little girl, but that ain't anything to complain about!

Besides all that excitement, Violet got her 2 month shots (3 weeks late) on Friday. I took off of work because I was afraid she'd be super fussy or get a fever. She ended up taking the shots like a champ and we had an easy, non fussy weekend!

how was your weekend? :)



Mrs. W. said...

I love all of Violet's hair!!! So cute! Can you put clips in it yet?

So does she like all the after-bath stuff, just not the actual bath? Ellie loves the bath part, but as soon as you take her out she screams - I'm always like, dude, you get a warm towel, a rub down, lotion, massage, and clean jammies. What is the problem here?!

Also, Achilles is jealous of Frasier's fajitas. :)

Cole said...

Violet loving on Bobo is so cute!

My pups always seem to score munchkins at the Dunkin Donuts drive through...but they're drooling at the prospect of fajitas!

Faith said...

I love when I see babies hugging on their stuffed animals. Soon she will be hugging up on the dog.

Not too long ago we through through a fast food drive-thru and they gave my dog pieces of meat. She loved it!

Violet is adorable! Can't wait to see her hairstyles with that long hair!

Hope Violet starts to love her baths.

Courtney*Cakes said...

I would have done the exact thing at sonic... No shame!!!

Jean said...

so weird she can take shots better than a bath. and what a sweet mom to take the day off in case she gets a temp after her shots, smart mama, too!

love her hair, she should share some with me. hehe. no really, my hair is so thin :( but what can one do? lol.

Courtney said...

I'm so glad V took her shots ok! It's hard to watch, but it's always nice when your baby surprises you with a good reaction :)

That sandwich looks SO good! And now I'm going to Sonic because you have inspired me HAHA

Lauren said...

What adorable pictures friend! She's the cutest! :-) Glad her first shots went well too!

Megg Joosten said...

That first picture just made my uterus cry. Love!!
I love love LOVE the idea of a lovey, haha. I have a special blanket and I'd love for my kids to have something special! In fact, I bought my friend's last baby her "Beadie" (blanket) and she still sleeps with it even though she's 6! So sweet.

Heather said...

Shots are no fun! :( Glad she took them okay.

I haven't had my Vanilla Coke Zero since September! I can't believe it.


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