The weekend in photos (of course)!

Jul 2, 2012

We had such a good weekend and it's always hard returning to work after that. Days like the past two make me long to be a SAHM but I know I gotta keep on truckin' no matter how irritated I am to come into work!!

And for my usual picture overload, I'm linking up with my faves, Ashlee & Savanah! :)

Last Tuesday when I got home from work I decided to try this onesie on Violet to see if it finally fit and it does! I was so excited to find that at Old Navy when I was pregnant with her.
Quick bow change and a (blurry) pic with her momma ;)

Unfortunately that night after a quick trip to HEB, we returned home to our A/C going out! :( Nt a good thing when temps are still 80+ at night. So while Ronnie held down the fort and stayed with the animals, I took V to my parents' for the night...where she got to partake in her latest addiction, "watching" TV. And bad TV no less - The Real Housewives of Orange County! ha. She gets it from me and her Grandma.
The first pic was taken at nearly midnight! Girl would rather watch TV than sleep. ha. The second one was from the next morning. Watching TV, Al Bundy style!

I took the next day off work to deal with the A/C stuff and to keep the baby out of the house..At some point while that was going on, we tested our her umbrella stroller around the patio and backyard and got to watch Daddy do yard work :)

The rest of the work week is a blur because I got sick :/ Acid reflux/GERD (which I never even had until after having Violet) had me in pain for a full 24 hours and carried from Thursday into Friday. It was pure hell and I was the bad mom who couldn't even hold my child because I was so sick. Vomiting, chills and oh, the PAIN! None of my medications helped either but I finally felt better by mid Friday.

On Saturday I took V to hang out with my parents for a bit. We had a great time while Ronnie was at home cleaning up his car and getting it ready to sell.
Seriously? Cutest little reflection to see in the backseat!
Violet loooves my sis, her Aunt Jeena! 

And yesterday? It was the laziest day and it was wonderful. This little girl and I had a lot of bonding time and as usual, it makes leaving her on Mondays extra hard. She hung out like this while I was in the kitchen making bottles in the morning <3 Gah, that face!

We did a lot of creepin' on Daddy while he had people coming by the house to see his car...which he ended up selling last night! Yay!
Then Daddy did a lot of this which she loves! 

And then it poured off and on all afternoon and night. Loooove being home for days like this! (and btw, this is our side patio - our yard isn't that small. haha.)

Our end of June was great...Bring it on, July!

FYI: Most of these pictures you've seen on Instagram but others I haven't posted because I learned a cool little trick from Corrin! She posted on Twitter recently that if you put your phone in airplane mode, Instagram your picture and hit upload, the upload will fail but will still save to your Instagram picture folder on your phone. Cool huh? It's a good way to save some pics for your blog without having to annoy the crap out of people overload people's feeds! ;)

Have a great week, friends!


Christina said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I love that face too. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. But so glad you got some rain!

Very cool tip about instagram photos. I hardly do photo posts because I feel like everyone has already seen them.

Vicki said...

She is freakin' adorable! And I love that onsie!!! :-)

Krystal said...

LOL cool tip about instagram - I usually upload a bunch then delete 'em from my feed! I feel like I annoy people! ;) Love that onesie!

Lauren said...

Love all her cute outfits! I think we have the same grill :-)

Holly said...

Ya'll sure do make a pretty baby! She just looks so happy all the time.

I'm glad your feeling better! Oh, and send some of that rain to Fort Worth!

Jean said...

we have a 3rd car that brady has been trying to sell, too. well, he's not that in a rush, but soon i hope. would like not squeezing myself thru the driveway, lol

Melissa said...

violet is a cutie! cool trick, i might have to do that because i know i annoy the hell outta people.

newest follower.

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

that sassy senorita shirt is TOO precious. Old Navy always has the best funny t-shirts for kids, we get all Sawyer's vintage Star Wars/Super Hero shirts from there (and Target).

Faith said...

Such a fun weekend! Violet is the cutest!

Glad you're feeling better!

And what an awesome tip! I will do that to avoid annoying others feeds, lol.

Amber said...

Sassy senorita is cracking me up! Sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yay for rain! In Nebraska rain is such a blessing!

Christine Bryant said...

Those thighs on that lil Sassy Senorita are to die for!!!

Now following from Phone Photo Fun Mondays Hop.

Be Blessed <3

Mrs. W. said...

Violet is just the cutest, I can hardly stand it! And I totally remember when you got that onesie for her, because it is so cute! ON has some cute onesies!

Savanah said...

love the sassy seniorita!!!!!


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