Nov 1, 2012

I always get so excited for November 1st because that means I can no longer be called crazy (well, maybe I still am) and start my focus on Christmas!!

Pandora's Christmas music station is already going, I'm holding my coffee mug as if it's absolutely freezing outside (80 degrees. Brrr!) and I'm writing my wish list as well as my Christmas gift shopping list!

I'm just so excited that NOVEMBER IS HERE!!! But before we move on to all things Christmas, I'm gonna talk about Halloween one.last.time.

V's First Halloween didn't turn out as fabulous as I thought it would but what can you do - at least she won't remember. Ronnie got stuck at home with a paper so he had to miss her first Halloween! :( First bummer of the night.

Second, it was warm and kinda humid out. Yuck.

Third, Violet wouldn't crack a smile for anything. She was just not feeling it. (Did my boredom with Halloween wear off on her already?!). And daddy not being there DID NOT HELP. She finally snapped out of her funk but not until we went back inside, stripped her of her costume and she got to just sit and play with Grandma. Homebody like her parents, I think :)

No matter what though, it was just so fun to do this with her for the first time and (being the biased mom I am) I think she was the most adorable baby ballerina ever. Her outfit was one my co-worker handed down to me from her daughter so my mom altered it a little (V's a shorty), added ribbon to shoes I already had and then made her a tulle bow. Easy peasy and it was just precious.

Once I squashed the ballerina into her stroller (ha!) my mom and I took her up and down the street and we had fun just being a part of the crowd. A lot of people in my parents' neighborhood go all out with the decorating so there's always a huge crowd of trick or treaters. We had fun handing out candy, visiting with the neighbors and taking tons of pictures. We didn't actually trick or treat (people know the candy is for the parents!) but it was still fun!
The neighbor's house across the street and V in her stroller looking bored. ha!
My mom and her neighbor friend took lots of good pictures but this is the best of what I had on my phone. I really need to get a new camera since ours crapped out on us. After we went back inside, we ate some pizza, drank some wine and my brother and his girlfriend stopped by to hang out. Lots of laughs and overall it was a good first Halloween for V!

So now that Halloween is over, who's with me on the crazy train for Christmas?! YES!!! Come back tomorrow for a Christmas-ey giveaway!


Asha said...

I am completely pumped about it being November too! There is nothing better than THE HOLIDAYS (even if it's in the 80s here in FL too)

p.s. - You are absolutely right - V is the most adorable baby ballerina ever :)

Rhonda said...

Once I get past Quentin's party next weekend (because I still consider his birthday october since he was due then lol), i'm on the crazy train to Christmas!

Cole said...

Happy Novembah (said like a true New Englander!)!! I can't wait for the holidays. :-)

Perfectly Jenn said...

aww just think of how fun Halloween is going to be with her next year!
and yes she's the cutest baby ballerina I ever did see!

Holly said...

I just can't get over what a doll she is! Precious!

November is like spring for me - it's when I have the most energy and motivation!

Christina said...

She looks so cute! I'm on the Christmas train for sure! I'm only two toys away from being done shopping for my kids. As much as I like this season, I hate the mall and won't step foot in it starting on Black Friday.

Anonymous said...

I have a giveaway starting tomorrow too!!
Also I made my Christmas gift list last night! :)

Jean said...

Time really flies!

I totally knocked out by 9pm last night. So tired lately!

She is so adorable. The cutest ballerina!

Jennifer said...

What a cute little ballerina! :o)
And yes, I am pretty excited for all things christmas...although I always tell myself to not listen to the music until after Thanksgiving. It gets harder and harder every year though. :oP

Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Awww that is just the most precious pink ballerina costume!

Lauren said...

Love her little ballerina outfit so much :-)

kjpugs said...

Could V be any cuter??? (no!) And I am SO glad it's November too, huge Holiday lover over here!!!!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, what a cute little ballerina!!

Lexi said...

I totally agree -- November is for planning the Holidays!
Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

Mrs. W. said...

I LOVE her ballerina costume. LOVE.


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