Fun with our Phones Monday!

Oct 24, 2011

Happy Monday, pretties! I'm linking up again with Savanah for...

my bebe boys!! <3
(if you look closely, there's a wiener girl butt in the background. my mom's dog. ha!)
my friend brought me chocolate turtles last week...SO good!
his family owns a chocolate company!! how awesome right?!

I swear there was nearly 20 pieces in that box but this is
what I found this morning..I think Ronnie may have a problem.
Hello, Christmas at Lowe's!!
I don't even care that Halloween's not here yet, I looove the holidays!
Some onesies I bought for my girl.. I can't wait to see her chunky butt in them!
(I had to get the aunt one for my sis, she's soooo excited :)
Speaking of my sis, she had a party this weekend so my mom's house is
now full of cupcakes, cookies and candy leftovers. Not good for the preggo.
(This is only one of many plates!)
Ronnie's sweet dad took us out for breakfast yesterday morning.
His stepmom was sick but sent me this belated bday gift.
I can't wait to light those pumpkin spice bad boys at our new house!!

My silly father went and dislocated his ankle and had to have surgery yesterday :(
Keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery please!

My latest addiction...unsweet peach tea from Sonic!
I'm being good and having just one every couple weeks so I don't overdo the caffeine!

And this is what I found at my desk this morning!!
It's good to have a co-worker who wants to pass down all her baby girl's clothes!!


Ashee (On the Front Porch Looking in) and & I are hosting our first ever Fall Swap tomorrow! If you're a fan of scarves and nail polish, you won't want to miss this! ;)


Anonymous said...

ahhh christmas at lowes makes me all giddy!

Jennifer said...

I love all the little girl clothes & that auntie shirt is adorable!

I love sonic peach tea too so I understand your addiction!

And how dare y'all add my Achilles heel to the scarf swap!! Ahhh scarves and nail polish . . just automatically sign me up :)

Suze said...

Christmas and girl baby clothes make me smile!

Of course thinking of your dad! Hope he feels better soon.

Can't wait to see about this swap of yours :)

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I can't wait to see more Christmas decorations everywhere! I don't really decorate my place with Halloween or even Thanksgiving, but you betta believe I'll decorate for Christmas.

And I LOVE the bebe's outfits! Too precious.

Holly said...

I love all the Christmas decorations that are being put out! It is my favorite time of the year!

As always, love the wiener dogs!

Jean said...

cuuuuuuuuute clothes! love the tutu one!!

i'll have your father in my thoughts.

Chloe said...

Christmas!! YAY!
I love Halloween and Christmas! Can't wait to buy some Christmas stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG those outfits are so much fun!!!

Kasey said...

I'm a new follower. You're a wiener mama too!! :-D

I love those onesies for your baby! So cute!!

Nenay said...

That onesie and tutu outfit are just adorable!! Baby is going to look so glamorous ;)

I will be keeping your dad in my prayers. I'm so sorry about his ankle :(

Savanah said...

i love me some sonic!! And I looooove all those purdy girl outfits!! :) so sweet!


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