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Dec 13, 2012

--I'm obsessed with this Christmas tree ornament mobile but let's be real, I would never finish that. I just don't have the attention span (or the time! ;).

--Is having an Elf on the Shelf some sort of requirement when you have kids? I think it's cute but I'm just not creative enough to come up with something new every day and honestly, seeing them everywhere now has got me feeling over it!

--Reading mixed reviews on the #1 item on my wish list, Kate Spade's Glitterball Gia, has me worried. Does the glitter flake off or not? :/ I just want it so badly, I almost don't even care. ha! #firstworldproblems

--Am I the only one who misses her this year?! I'm not sure why Target thought the new guy and girl on the commercials would be better than this amazingness. She used to for shopping!

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

--I'm gonna be real selfish here and just say it: I'm tired of buying gifts. Ronnie and I have big immediate families and friends to buy for and I sometimes wonder about the things we could be doing to our house (that needs some updating!) with the money I've spent. I know that's shitty. I really do love giving, don't get me wrong. I'm just looking forward to January when we can do what we need to with our extra money. Does anyone ever feel that way?

--I plan to watch at least 2 holiday movies this weekend. Hopefully those two are Love Actually and Home Alone (for the bazillionth time!). One will get me feeling lovey dovey and the other always reminds me of my childhood - good times!

--My amazing friend Elizabeth has offered to take a few family Christmas photos of us this weekend and I'm excited but I'm nervous too. I've never had a profesh picture taken of me (except for that one time in 2000 at Glamour Shots. sex-ay!) and I'm afraid I'll come out looking like this:

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

--Then I'll be forced to eat my feelings and only make matters worse.

What's on your mind today??


Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

I miss the Target lady too. I have to say I want an Elf on the Shelf so badly and I don't have kids. I dunno what its so appealing to me. Finally, you and your precious family will look wonderful in the pictures! Can't wait to see them!!

Kelly M. said...
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Anonymous said...

Skip the elf on the shelf and order the kate purse :-)

Miranda said...

i thought that the target lady was so much better! I'm having mixed feelings on the elf on the shelf. At first it seemed neat but then i got sick of everyone taking photos of theirs lol.

Alexandra Lackey said...

The target lady was sooo much better!!
& skip the elf on the shelf. I started it with the kids in my class and after the first 5 days its been a struggle to think of cool ideas!

Stephanie said...

Your photos will turn out beautiful!
I think the elf is creepy, they have creepy little eyes. Also, I already clean up messes, I'm not about to make a fake elf mess and then clean it...

Amanda M. said...

The elf is creepy, but I still can't wait to do it with Fynn next year, and I had forgotten about the Target lady... I loved her! I'm soooo tired of buying gifts. Like you we have so much we could be doing on our house and yet I'm buying crap for people who probably don't even really want it... frustrating! It's making it really hard for me to enjoy this time of year.

Lauren said...

I loved the Target ad lady too haha! Your pictures will be gorgeous :-)

Amber said...

I think Elf on the Shelf is totally creepy! Buuuut, I'm not a mom so maybe I'll change my mind on that in the future. :)

Jennifer said...

My sister got Hannah the elf on the shelf and she is far more excited about it than I am. I could have done without it, but I told myself I would do it for the last week before Christmas. i will not be one of those moms who goes crazy though. I just don't have the energy between the two kids, and the craziness of the holiday.

Good luck with your photos. I'm sure they will be beautiful! Can't wait to see them! :o)

Christina said...

Elf on the Shelf is so much work! We do advent every night. A Christmas book, a Christmas song, and they open the little calendar for a piece of candy or small toy. Jacob did it growing up, a little more elaborately (way more religious-y) and I think it's pretty fun without a ton of effort. I mean, yesterday they each got a balloon and played for an hour. Haha! We stopped doing presents all together with Jacob's family. It was ridiculous with his 4 siblings and 10 nieces and nephews. Now there is a $10 limit on the kids. $100 and done. And we only do stocking stuffers with my family now. It makes it so much easier! Home Alone is one of my favorite movies in the world. I always watch Love Actually and The Family Stone at Christmastime too. They are so good!

Suze said...

Elf on the Shelf seems like a pain in the ass. I'm not doing it until/unless he is aware that it's a thing and his friends' parents do it or something. :)

Okay, maybe I'll do it anyway just for fun. But it does seem like a pain!

I love HOme Alone AND Love Actually. Enjoy!

I feel the same way about professional photos, but I'm sure it will be beautiful and will be nice to have.

Wishing you a good weekend.

Mrs. W. said...

I feel like the Elf on the Shelf is a fun idea, but blogs/Pinterest/the internets in general turned it into such a huge thing, that now it just looks exhausting. I see some people sharing what their elf is doing and I'm like, "dude, who has TIME for that?!"

And I feel you on the gifts. We don't have super huge families or anything, but there are lots of new babies (and friends with babies who sent us gifts) so it was all about the babies this year. That significantly upped our gift spending total. :(


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