Let's just laugh about it.

Jan 30, 2013

I only had my last post up for an hour but I decided to take it down. It's way too depressing for this place!

But a quick recap in case you're as nosy as I am ;) --> Ronnie and I have decided to look for a home for our cat and then my parents will be taking our dog Frasier. Niles will of course stay with us since he's recovering from his back surgery. We just have a LOT going on and we have our reasons. It's a difficult decision because our pets were our first babies but it's what is best for our family and because our main priority is now our daughter. Y'all know I'm an open book so if you want to know more, just ask and we'll chat ;)

So let's get this place happy again...Funny pins, yo! 

I haven't linked up with Miss New Mama Michelle in FOREVER. 
I probably should do it more often, I am way too addicted to Pinterest.

LOVED this movie. LOVE Rebel Wilson.

Yes, please.

Oh, Nick!
If you're not watching New Girl, START.


Louis CK!! He's one of our faves. So so vulgar and oh so hilarious.

Not me, that's for sure.

All y'all Southerners know this ;) 

Source: reddit.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Know your shit!

Have a good day, y'all!


Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Rich like fill my gas tank up! LOL!!

World According to Shia

Miranda said...

totally agree about the recipes haha. when i read food blogs and something sounds good i check out the ingredients and i'm like, so not worth it, click. do you watch louis ck show? we haven't yet but it is on our netflix list!

Anonymous said...

Ahaha love that "fat dad" pin. A similar thing happened in my 2nd grade class today. I pretty much always wear black pants or a dress, well today I wore a new pair of light tan ones.

McKenna: "Miss S I like your pants"

Me: "Thank you McKenna, I just got them this week."

McKenna: "And they're TIGHT!"

Me: "Ahhh, Thank-you McKenna.... (while cringing inside)"

Little kids always know "just" what to say lol

Kodi ODay said...

These are absolutely hilarious! I love the recipe one just because I do that all the time when I find something that looks good on Pinterest, lol.

Jessica said...

I like the last one. I'm a big grammar nazi and my maid of honor and I have full conversations about the bad grammar we hear or come across. :)

Lauren said...

These are beyond awesome, the Pinterest one is SO TRUE!! :-)

Anonymous said...

1. Love the name of your blog.
2. Your daughter is GORGEOUS!
3. I heart Pitch Perfect.

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

oh my goodness that grammar pin is wonderful! I know your decision about your pets was difficult dear, thinking about you!

Christina said...

I love the recipe and pinterest ecards. I'm the worst. I don't even want to learn to cook or craft. I've never seen Louie. I need to asap! "All y'all" cracks me up! It reminds me so much of my family in Georgia and Florida!

Jean said...

I LOVE LOUIE CK, TOO! He cracks me up!

Mrs. W. said...

Sorry to hear about your pets, but I know you guys are doing what's best for V!

Love these pins - especially the recipe one. Preach.


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