1st Birthday Party Planning

Jan 29, 2013

Some of you have asked what I'm planning for Violet's 1st Birthday Party so I thought I'd share just a few details! I don't have much prepared even just a month away - just a whole lotta ideas that I need to get done ASAP. (I don't think I'll stop being a procrastinator!) I've also never hosted a big party like this on my own before so I'm pretty clueless but hoping that working in the event management biz for 5 years has rubbed off on me a bit. One can hope!

When I found out Violet was a girl (and named Violet! :) I decided that we would have a Willy Wonka themed party. I pinned ideas like crazy but just about 2 weeks ago, I got over it. Just like that. So a new theme was born: Confetti + Glitter! (Said just like Flo the Progressive girl says "Unicorns and Glitter!". Am I the only one who remembers these things?) It's a simple and easy idea but still very girly. So the Pinterest board was updated and I finally got going and started everything off by asking my amah-zing friend Brittany to design the invitations. (Please go visit her blog and Etsy shop, she's the best!)
These are just a few ideas that really got the ball rolling. 
You can see more on my Violet's Party Pinterest board.

Saturday, March 9th, two weekends after Violet's February 28th birthday.

Our house just isn't laid out for a party like this so we decided on a park right down the street from our house. I was nervous at first because of our wishy washy weather at that time of year but considering we're already about to hit 80 degrees, I'm hoping we'll be ok on that day. I was also worried about how we'd make an outdoor pavilion feel girly and sparkly but I'm up for the challenge! We'll be in this small pavilion right near one of the park's playgrounds so at least it's not a lot of space to have to decorate.

Who's Invited:
Violet gets nervous with huge crowds of strangers in her face so we decided to keep the guest list small. But that's easier said than done when I have close to 80 people on each side of my parent's families. Ronnie's family is much smaller but add in our friends and it's been tough making the list. We finally narrowed it down to immediate family + friends and family with little ones (plus just a few people who don't have kids but they're important to us and we would like them there). I'm dreading the guilt trips from those we didn't invite! 

To Do:
I have all kinds of DIY projects planned: banners, confetti to add to little pockets on the back of the invitation, serving trays I'd like to personalize, a couple cupcake stands I want to make and creating + adding glitter to treat bags, food labels, etc. There will be so much glitter I'm sure I'm gonna find it in Violet's diapers at some point. ha!

I also need to sit down with Ronnie to finalize the guest list (oy.), decide on what activities/games we'll have, finalize the menu and then get with my friends who have volunteered to help me with cooking, baking, DIY'ing. So the next few weekends are about to get ca-razy!

And because I'm such a tease (hey, I love surprises myself!), here's a sneak peek of the invitation that Brittany has put together. She's working on the final proof but what she already put together is PERFECT!

So what do you think? Any ideas/tips for me? 

Any wine recommendations? (I'm looking into becoming a heavy drinker starting NOW.)


undomestic mama said...

Can't wait to see the finished party! The guest list is always a pain. At least when they get older we can invite only their friends and immediate family and not feel bad if we want :)

BG said...

YAY!!! it's going to be SO adorable. can't wait to see pics!

Faith said...

it seems that all my blogging friends are posting about first birthday party ideas ... so fun!

love your ideas so far. it's going to be a great party.

can't wait for pictures!

Kasey said...

I love that theme! It's different than what most people do and that is basically how I operate. lol.

I'm loving the sneak peek of the invitation! I totally wish we lived closer because I'd love to help with all the DIY stuff and decorating. haha.

Meg O. said...

I LOVE the theme! So girly and fun! And I can't wait to see the rest of the invite Brittany did!

Suze said...

Way cute theme! Looks like you've got great ideas.

I totally feel you on the guest list. I don't know WHAT we're going to do, but it isn't going to be good. Bring on the guilt!

Good luck!! can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Anonymous said...

So cute! We are thinking of a park for Mackenzie's 2nd birthday party. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.
Hope you can reply to me now... :o)

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Super cute - loving that cake! It will be the best 1st birthday ever! Can't wait to see pics!

World According to Shia

Amber said...

I am dying over the theme! I LOVE willy wonka! Can't wait to see what Brittany comes up with. I'm sure it'll be precious!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see pics! Sounds like its going to be super cute! And I'm jealous you can have her party outside in February . Colson's birthday on the first will always have to be inside. :o(

Lauren said...

LOVE the theme, it's going to be one amazing party for your sweet girl :-) I love anything with confetti and glitter of course too!

Sarah said...

I cant wait to see the party!!

Christina said...

That park is going to hate you with all the glitter. Hahah! But I love it! So fun and girly and pretty! I totally get the shy thing too. We had less than 20 people here for Milo's party and he cried and cried when we sang happy birthday. Poor guy! He does not like to be the center of attention. So far your invitation looks so cute. I can't wait to see the party recap!

Jean said...

awww. so exciting!

wish it was that warm here....
i really wish i could leave my family to cali or texas where it is warmer at least.... i can dream....... ;)

Mrs. W. said...

Love this theme! It's so unique and fun!!! Please share your DIY stuff when you get it done - I'd love to see what all you're working on. Man, I wish we lived close so we could go to each others' parties! (Yes, I totally just invited myself, haha!)

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