My Pick Your Plum Winnings!

Jan 22, 2013

In December I won a Pick Your Plum grab box giveaway on Jenn's blog and I finally received it yesterday! I  know they usually offer these grab boxes on their site every once in a while so I wanted to share what I received! In case you've never visited PYP, click the link and check it out, it's a daily deal site and they have some pretty cute stuff. I really had no idea what to expect (I luuurve surprises!) but since PYP sells a lot of craft supplies, I knew to expect that kinda stuff. 

Violet had fun digging in!
(As if she didn't already have a huge mess behind her! ha)

Mini Chevron bags // Yellow and white twine // Strand of pearls
(The pearls said for decorative use only so I thought it was a strand of pearls for crafting but it's actually a cute necklace!
Who knew? I'll have to take an updated pic later)
Crocheted headband (cute!) // Wool hat // Knee high boot socks
Men's Tie // Bracelet // Toddler purse (it's already mixed in with Violet's toys ;)
Now this is where I'm confused.
I have NO idea what to do with these little envelopes or mini scoopers...
and ZERO clue what to do with these little wooden tags.
All help is welcome from you, crafty people!! ;)

Have you ever bought a grab box from PYP?

I think my only disappointment (look at me picking this apart when it was free. ha!) is that I didn't receive a roll of washi tape.
I swore they'd throw some in since they sell so much of it. But no such luck! lol

Oh and for you peoples in my area: Jenn has put together an Austin Blogger Meetup for this Saturday if you're in the Austin/SA area or want to drive in from a little further! I'm 98% sure I'll be there (that last 2% I have to leave open because of having a 10 month old and all. ha). I'm super looking forward to going and meeting blogger friends in person and meeting new ones!!


mrs.mfc said...

I'm impressed with that mix- it could have been ANYTHING, knowing the kind of stuff they feature. How fun!! Some ideas for the stuff at the end of the post.. mini envelopes would be great to add into a scrapbook. Would add great texture. You could add a little note or even just leave it empty and use for decoration. Or you could use them on invitations or valentine cards or something- again, add a little note or something similar. If you're using them for something kid related you could place a small sticker or something flat like that in there. Or confetti! That would be really fun, especially for an invitation or birthday card!! The little scoops.. can't tell how small they are but what about using them on a food table if you had a candy buffet or something similar? Are they big enough to scoop something small like m&m's or something? Or to scoop mini marshmallows if you did a hot chocolate bar? The small wooden tags would be great gift tags! Or you could use them for organizing- make labels for bins/boxes/etc.

Rhonda said...

I love everything you got!

Use the scoops at vi's party for a candy buffet.

the wooden tags to label bins or baskets or even drawer fronts.

the envelopes for just little random notes.


Perfectly Jenn said...

I'm loving this box! So jealous actually :)

I think those wooden tags are so cool! I need to find some like that for my cousins bridal shower

I'm sure you can figure out something to do with all of it, for some reason I'm drawing a blank but search pinterest for ideas

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...


Christina said...

Cute stuff. I've never heard of this before. I want that wool hat! I have little scoops like that for candy buffets. Are they super small though? Not sure about the envelopes though.

Mrs. W. said...

Cute stuff! I'd be willing to bet there's some inspiration on Pinterest for the wood tags and such. :) For the scoops, maybe they'd be good for bath salts or something?

Ms. Chan said...

I love Pick Your Plum!


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