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Feb 7, 2013

I am finally moving my ass and getting into decorating our house. Oh, just over a year since we bought this place! Things have been looking bland and I HATE IT. I know Ronnie does too. We need color, we need things, we need it to feel cozier! I blame the fact that we moved into the house just 2 1/2 months before Violet arrived so we honestly have never had the time to properly decorate! So I've started picking up a few things here and there and was surprised at how many cute things I found at Kohl's! I haven't really shopped there lately but we had some gift cards from Christmas so we've gone a couple times recently. I've added many things to my wish list for when they go on sale ;)

I think just picking up small things like rugs and wall decor really gets me excited for bigger projects! Last time we went, I picked up these rugs, one for the entry way and one for the kitchen. They're both so so cute in person!
Chevron  // Striped
Then I picked up this picture for our entry way gallery wall that is finally in progress and I had to grab the frame for my desk at work.
I can't believe how much she's grown since those pictures were taken!

We still have so many more things we want to do to the house but I think next up is PAINTING!

We (as in Ronnie) painted the house right before V was born and we hate the color (remember?) and fully DESPISE the color in the kitchen (lime green that sampled pale but painted BRIGHT. Yuck.). So that's what's been going on in my hizzy. Hopefully this painting business will get done soon. As soon as mama gets her tax refund, it is ON! ha

Now, I'd like to take a moment to get all whiney and sad because it is exactly 3 weeks until my girl turns ONE. I had a full on sob session last night when I was watching videos of her on my phone. The one that really had me sobbing was this one from when she was 5 WEEKS OLD. She had finally started smiling and LOOKING at me and would just stare into me forever while I held her. Oh, my heart.

Please ignore my annoying voice (I'm pretty sure my nose was stuffy) AND please oh please ignore our horribly messy house! We were way tired ok and not in any condition to clean! haha


Jean said...

Well, it took me four years to decorate if that makes you feel better. LOL! I'm not good at decorating! :(

Faith said...

I'm still decorating. I don't think I'll ever be done !!

3 weeks til she turns one? Goodness! Time really does fly!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I adore decorating, I feel like I will never be DONE decorating our house haha. Can't believe miss sassypants is going to be ONE already!

Christina said...

I totally get it. We moved in here when I was 6 months pregnant and we just sort of put stuff up to fill space. I'm very slowly getting around to it. It's just so expensive. We also unpacked and put stuff in places that I don't want it. We are going to do a major spring cleaning next month!

Lauren said...

Those rugs are so awesome love it! :-)

Miranda said...

um yah. it's been six years since we have lived her and i am finally doing some things. we had to paint literally every room when we moved in because of smoke stains but other than that...nada. we finally are working on tearing about this ugly built in. i love those rugs! i would love a house with colors like that!

Mrs. W. said...

Yay for decorating! I love when houses are decorated nicely but I'm not sure I could ever do it. It's so many do you decide what you want??? I guess that has been one plus of living in tiny apartments forever, it saves me decor decisions. :)

I cannot believe she is almost one. That is blowing my mind. She was such a peanut in that video!


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