What's In A (Baby) Name?

Feb 6, 2013

Ok so you all know, my kid is named Violet. But do y'all know why we named her that? When I saw Suze link up yesterday with Amanda to share how she came up with her son's name, I thought it would be fun to join in! I mean, what girl isn't obsessed with talking baby names? :)

Neither Ronnie or I really thought we'd ever have kids so we had a blast with researching names when I found out I was pregnant! Our final list of girl names consisted of: Sadie, Violet, McKenzie (a Scottish name that Ronnie still loves) and Pepper (yes, Pepper. We loved it but because of judgey comments and that we would basically be giving her a name asking to be made fun of, we decided against it.). Eventually we made our "final" decision: Sadie May. I loved it but could never get over the name Violet! Ronnie wasn't sold so I finally told him he could have the boy name if he would just give me the girl name! So it was settled - If it's a girl, she's Violet. If it's a boy, he's Cole. (Not my favorite but it was Ronnie's choice at that point). We all know how that turned out ;)

So how did we come up with her name?

At first there was no meaning behind the name Violet, I just loved the sound of it and thought it was such a pretty and different name. The fact that it was also a color was a plus! Then one day we realized that not only is February's birthstone an amethyst (a purple/violet like color), the month's flower is a violet! PERFECT. Luckily she arrived just on time to be a February baby! (My OB got a whiney earful when she set my induction for March 2nd. What the hell even is March's flower?! I was an irrational pregnant lady.)

May didn't feel right now with Violet so we started the search for a middle name again. I just so happened to remember back to when Angelina Jolie had her twins and her daughter's middle name Marcheline had stood out to me. I told Ronnie back then that this would be a perfect name if we ever had a daughter because it sort of combined our moms' names - his is Marcia, mine is Linda. Ronnie loved the idea but wasn't convinced on the name. Then one night after watching one of my favorites, Steel Magnolias, for about the millionth time, I heard the name and it hit me: M'lynn! (Sally Field's character.) And yay, Ronnie loved it too! So we changed up the spelling a bit and our girl's name was born:

Sure, Violet is growing in popularity but the way I see it is, "Violet" will never be the "Jessica" of her time and I'm good with that.
And how many Malynns will she actually meet?
I think her name is pretty unique and I love that her full name has a Southern feel to it.
Plus, now that we know Violet, we think her name is perfect for her.
Go link up and share your baby name story, I'd love to read it!


Rhonda said...

I LOVE her name!!

I never knew her middle name.

I also LOVE Pepper and never would have thought about it! not that it matters, since i'll NEVER HAVE A GIRL.

Christina said...

I love this story! And her middle! I think her name suits her perfectly. I wish we had exciting baby name stories, but we just looked through books. Their middle names have meaning though. Nolan's is my maiden name. We wanted to honor Jacob's maternal grandpa (who is his favorite person on earth) but Reinhold Merton did not appeal to me!! Hahah! So we went with his last name for Milo's middle. Kinda weird that they have a first name then two last names at the end, but we like it.

Lauren said...

Her name is so beautiful, love the meaning behind it as well :-)

Lis said...

What a beautiful name! Unique without being weird, lol Violet is my Mamaw's name so if I ever have kids, it will definitely be on the list!

Kaity said...

Sadie is on my list...and for some reason, Violet has been popping up a lot lately. It's so beautiful! Love your taste (I think Pepper is adorable. Psh, haters.)

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Such a sweet post. Loving that her birthday flower is a violet - it was meant to be.

P.S. now kinda digging Pepper as a name =)

World According to Shia

Kasey said...

Well I LOVE her name. Violet is on my list. :-) And it's funny that her middle name is Malynn because I put that on a list of middle names for future kids a few years ago. My mom is Mary Lynn. :-)

Suze said...

Awww I love love love her name!! It totally fits her- pretty name for a pretty girl!

Though I think Pepper is so so cute too. :)

bride4life said...

M'lynn is number one on my girl list....I had a boy though.

Heather said...

I absolutely love her name. Original, yet easy to pronounce and spell. And so feminine.

Megg Joosten said...

Haha, Pepper! It kinda makes me laugh for some reason.
I like Violet a lot! I don't know any other Violets at all (baby, adult, kid...) and I like that it's unique without being strange, haha.
Our girl name is Juliet and we both LOVE it. So what if we fell in love with it through Lost... :D

Perfectly Jenn said...

I love the meaning behind names and love that you shared Violet's! Allen and I have chosen very meaningful names for our future children (if we are blessed to have them).

Tasha said...

Love the middle name! I love Steel Magnolias, it's one of my fave movies. :D

BTW, I think Pepper is a cute name. Not one I would choose, but I wouldn't judge someone who did. ;)

Mrs. W. said...

I love to hear how people come up with names for their babies! I'm obsessed with names. :) I also love Sadie!!! But Violet just suits her. It's perfect!


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