Weekend Picture Overload.

Feb 4, 2013

I am such a bitch on Monday mornings and I can't even help myself. After fun weekends with my favorite people, going back to work is basically torture. Ya know?

Saturday, we headed out for breakfast and then for a drive to Ronnie's hometown, Canyon Lake (about 35 miles north of SA), because he hadn't been there in a while and really, we're always looking for an excuse to take a nice drive! It was the perfect day for it too - about 72 degrees and GORGEOUS out. We stopped at the Canyon Lake Dam for the awesome view of the lake and it got us excited about spending time up there this summer with V!  It was also V's first time to Ronnie's hood so I know he was loving that moment :)

We stopped for lunch at our fave little barbecue place, the teeniest most random place (as most are in Canyon Lake) and Ronnie's dad came and met us for lunch. Afterwards we took a drive down River Road, I decided I need to get skinny so I can do more tubing on the river this summer (oh yeah, I say this every year and oh yeah, I still love bad food way too much.) and then we headed home. It was such an awesome day!

1. Being nosey at breakfast // 2. Our fave little BBQ place in // 3. Daddy and his girl
4. Three generations  // 5. Playing at home // 6. Knocked out on the couch at the end of the day!
Sunday, we had plans to go to our friend's Superbowl party but that depended on how V did at a 1st birthday party that afternoon (oh, how times have changed! ha). She woke up from her morning nap like a grump so we were late to the party but when we got there, she was happy as could be. Thank goodness. She had a blast watching the kids play, she LOVED watching some boys kick around a ball and super loved the swing - it was her first time in one. 
1. Waiting for grump to fully wake up to go to the party :) // 2. Cutie at the party
3. Inspecting the swing before she decided to love it // 4. My high school bestie Cristin and her birthday boy, Ayden

I'd taken her to the party alone while Ronnie deep cleaned the house (it needed it bad. Thanks, honey! :) so by the time I got home, we were all kinda worn out and decided against going to the party. So we just ran a couple errands, picked up some Chipotle bowls and then headed home to watch the game. I actually watched the entire thing, go me! (Even if only for the commercials ;)

 How was your weekend?


Christina said...

What a pretty lake! How fun that she'll have a place like that growing up. Your summer is going to be so fun! She looked adorable for the party! Swings are the best thing ever. My kids just zone out and chill every time. It's a nice break. Haha!

Jamie said...

What a wonderful weekend. She is adorable.

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Super cute photos! I love the one of her sleeping ... so adorable =)

Happy Monday!
World According to Shia

Amy Powell said...

I lived off River Road at the 4th crossing for a few years, and my grandma still owns a house there. Love going back & watching everyone on the river :)

great weekend! and the weather was pretty perfect for it!

Suze said...

I'm a bitch on Sunday evenings, but for the same reasons. :)

Looks like such a beautiful place! And sounds like gorgeous weather. I'm jealous! We got five inches of snow Saturday.

How cute- V has friends! :) I can't wait to be hearing about her party.

We skipped superbowl festivities ourselves. Ah, how times have changed. :)

Katie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! My parents were/are? considering retiring out in Canyon Lake.

Lauren said...

The weather looks amazing and super cute pics of V! Love her pig tails :-)

Jean said...

LOL @ the first paragraph! Totally threw me off w/ the B-word! But made me laugh! I can relate. I pout about it this morning. I just want to go back to bed and zzzzzzzzz!

So awesome you guys got to visit Ronnie's hometown. And I really am missing the summer... I am over winter now........ blah!

Miranda said...

i'm pretty much a bitch every morning because i am so not a morning person. my husband is so at 8am he can be bouncing around the house and i'm wanting to strangle him. it usually leads to fights :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! Now I want Chipotle :o)

Mrs. W. said...

What a great weekend! Canyon Lake looks gorgeous. And I soooo want to try that BBQ place!

Meg O. said...

I've never been to Canyon Lake! That is gorgeous!!! I need to go.


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