Nine days + freebies

Feb 19, 2013

Ok, we are down to single digits.

My baby girl will be one in just nine days.

NINE days!

It's insane, y'all.

I know I'll be a mess the night before and the day of. Oh, and at her birthday party of course. (No shame!)

But right now I've gotta say, I really am loving the silly, cuddly, soo smart toddler that she's becoming.
(She's also started throwing mini tantrums and having some major 'tude but let's go back to believing she's a perfect angel, k? ;)

I took this video the other night and it's just seconds long but it's totally HER. Always smiling, always making some funny noise and ALWAYS with the fro at the beginning and end of the day. This was at the end of the day. The destroyed living room might give that away :)

Ok and just to prove I have a life outside my kid (even if it's a very limited one), here's a few freebies I wanted to share!

-- Make your own Monogram Facebook cover (I will be doing this shortly!!)

-- "Think Happy, Be Happy" free printable

-- Free Printable Blog Planner. I personally don't ever "plan" for my blog (Obviously. I'm posting at freaking 5 in the afternoon!) but I know some of y'all do so this might be helpful!


Lauren said...

Can't believe only 9 days, craziness! Thanks for the cute free stuff girl! xo

Jean said...

Big smiles!

Just love her hair!

Mrs. W. said...

I love that video! She is the sweetest.


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