Random Friday

Feb 22, 2013

Friday isn't going as great as I'd like but I've decided to say screw it all. Until I can move far, far away from the people that drive me to drink, I just need to take a breath (and a drink) and move on to focusing on happy things.


-- Today is National Margarita Day! And I totally deserve one tonight, FYI Ronnie! ;)

-- This clip from Sex And The City always always puts me in a better mood. The SATC days were the best. And Carrie is my dream girl. All these years later I still haven't dealt with the fact that the show is never coming back.

-- I've done some here and there PR work for my company but was finally given the official title of PR Manager a couple days ago! It also comes with a raise which littlebabyjesus knows we can use so I am ECSTATIC!
-- Lots of fun stuff going this weekend - Ronnie's cousin's baby shower and a good friend's birthday party for her "Irish twins". Fun!

-- More prep this weekend for this chick's birthday party next weekend! (Ronnie took this picture yesterday. Oh, my heart.)

I copied Shannon and finally signed up for Bloglovin and am gonna try following blogs from there and see how it goes. I'm liking the set up so far. What do y'all think of it? 
Happy Weekend! :)


Meg O. said...

I love that SATC scene! I miss SATC so much. I can't believe V's party is next weekend!!!!!

Tasha said...

I hope your day gets better & you have a margarita and a good weekend. ;P
That pic of Violet is so cute!!
I already follow you on bloglovin. ;D

Anonymous said...

One of the best SATC episodes. I love the ending--
"because in the real world you pick yourself up".

Rhonda said...

I didn't know your new title came with a raise giiiiirl!

Katie said...

Congrats on the new title/raise!

Anonymous said...

I'm on bloglovin too! But haven't used it to read blogs but I may have too. I'm not fond of google reader these days. I keep missing posts, like this one!

Christina said...

Yay for the promotion WITH raise! That's awesome. It's great to be appreciated for what you do. I love that ep of SATC! I have the entire series and pop it in all the time. It never gets old and I love seeing people on there that have made it since then! Let me know what you think about Bloglovin. I keep meaning to try it.

Suze said...

Congrats on your promotion!! I effing love SATC. So great. I could watch it anytime.

I love love love Bloglovin! I already follow you on there

Sarah said...

I had a horrible week too...so happy it is the weekend!

Courtney said...

I'm the girl that has the whole SATC series, and both movies. I usually watch the entire show every time we move to a new place ;)

Mrs. W. said...

I adore that picture.

Congrats on the raise! Awesome!


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