a pretty special day.

Mar 6, 2013

I had planned on talking about V's birthday party today but then realized today marks exactly 1 year from when we finally got to bring V home after one week in the NICU! (Our NICU experience)

I know many babies are in the NICU for weeks and months at a time and our time there was short in comparison but nonetheless, it still sucked. It was hard seeing our teeny baby so helpless and covered in wires and worst of all was being released from the hospital and going home empty handed. AGH. That killed me. But we all made it through the week, V got perfectly healthy and we learned a ton from the awesome NICU nurses while we were there.

These pictures are stolen from one of my posts last year :)

1-2 Looking good and ready to go home! // 3. Changed into her going home outfit //4. Last time we'd be in the NICU!
5-6 We made it home!! // 7. First night at home and SO freaking happy about it.
Jeez. I promise I'll talk about other things than my kid at some point.

Like music. and shopping. and funny stuff. Promise ;)


Suze said...

Uh, I LOVE that you talk about your kid! She's great. :) Congrats on a happy one year at home.

Jean said...

Your daughter is your life and if people have a problem with it then they have a problem. She's a great gift and I love when you write about her. It really excites me, I need to complete these last few classes so we can plan our own! >.<

Cole said...

What a difference a year makes! She's such a strong, healthy little girl now! :-)

Trish said...

Keep talking about her, it makes me feel better about only talking about my baby ;-)

~Tricia~ said...

I agree with everyone above. Your blog is for you, and you can write about whatever you want. Besides, who doesn't love seeing Violet cuteness?!?! Happy birthday to Violet and to you as well! ;)

Anonymous said...

We were only there for a week too and it's still hard and scary no matter how long they are there. I'm always grateful it wasn't longer.
Yay for this anniversary! :o)

Mrs. W. said...

Yay for this anniversary! It must have been so fantastic to bring your sweet girl home after what I'm sure was the longest week ever. Happy Home Day, Violet!

Courtney said...

You are such a strong woman. I would have just been so lost if J had to be in the NICU. I admire you and I'm so glad V got better relatively quickly :)


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