her 1st party.

Mar 7, 2013

So are you ready for my party rant? :)

Sunday morning, party day, Ronnie and I prepped the food sides and dessert (my first time making cake pops and they actually came out SO GOOD!) All was good and running smoothly until right before we had to leave. Let me break it down for you...
  • 1:15 - Shit. V is still napping  (and you know you never wake a sleeping child).
  • 1:30 - V decides to finally wake up and I still need to get her dressed.
  • 1:35 Ronnie leaves to the park to take my boxes of décor, food, etc.
  • Did I mention we were supposed to be at the park to set up the party at 1:30?
  • 1:40 I get V loaded up and ready to leave. HOLYEFFSHIT! My keys are in my purse. In Ronnie's car. Immediately call Ronnie and he races back.
  • 1:45 Ronnie shows up, literally throws the keys to me and races back to the park.
  • 1:55 We finally arrive to set up for our 2:00 party!! Fun times made even more awesome when 10 of your 30 guests are already there!! AGH!!!
(And in case you were wondering why we didn't set up much earlier, it's because we only had the pavilion from 1:30-5:30. Thirty minutes to set up would've been plenty - had we been on time.)

Then. THEN. None of my decorations would stay put. The weather was great but it was windy and even windier under the pavilion. So...
  • More than half of the décor had to stay in the bins, including my adorable favor bags.
  • My cake pops wouldn't even stand up (And more than half were eaten within the first half hour. WTF.)
  • My picture frames had to be taped down (classy)
  • The kids were gone at the play area most of the time so the piñata never got hit.
  • I took oh, about 5 pictures (Still waiting on some from family) 
  • V had to wear a jacket covering her adorable shirt, for almost the entire party (oh and in the mad rush I'd misplaced the special headband I had ordered just for that day!! agh)
That's all fine though. The part that upsets me the most is that *I* didn't take more pictures. It's hard when you're running the shindig and even harder when the whole afternoon felt so rushed ya know? So no pictures of the little details, favor bags, none of the food table and hardly any of me WITH Violet. It was just a crazy time and I'm curious to see what pictures my family actually captured! The few I have are ones that I took with my phone and some that my friend took, mostly from across the room because she didn't want to butt in while we were with family or other friends. (SILLY.)

womp womp. Not the dessert table I'd planned on but it did the trick.
the party // love this one of her // Checking out the piñata that never got hit
Girl never wanted to be put down. See?
She finally wanted down when she saw a "big kid" playing. She's loving big kids lately.
So my party didn't end up Pinterest worthy like I'd hoped and nothing went as planned BUT we had a good time, our guests had a good time, Violet got a lot of love and gifts and it was fun for what it was.

But let me just say - I'm glad it's over.

I'm grateful we did it for her 1st because it's a big birthday and a fun one to celebrate but from now on, NO PARTIES. At least not until she starts asking for them. Birthdays will be just a day spent with her and maybe some friends and any celebrating we do will be at our house with just immediate families. I think the fun (and stress) of this party was enough to hold us over for a while ;)

I feel guilty for bitching so much! Please tell me I'm not the only mom who feels this way about parties?!


Anonymous said...

You are a first time mom who wanted everything right for her first baby. I think you get mad props for putting this on. It looked great in photos! Maybe next time, ask a friend if they wouldn't mind playing photographer for the party.

Amber said...

Aww, how frustrating! I think it all looks great though. Even though you had some mishaps, it still looks fun and as long as V enjoyed herself that's what counts :)

Rhonda said...

I have thrown a bunch of birthday parties at this point and I've learned that I'd rather keep them simple while they're too young to even know!

Kari said...

Don't feel guilty!! It looks great in the photos and now you have a story of all the things that went wrong! :) I've helped my sister with most of my nieces parties. Then she moved so she won't be able to return the favor when I have kids...how convenient for her! :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

It's not a party if there's not stress and bumps in the road right? Haha that seems to always be the case. Despite it all it turned out great and she had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Um love that one of her too!! She looks so old! I hope you get that framed.
I also wish I had taken more photos of Mackenzie's 1st birthday.
As long as you had fun that's all that matters. :o)

Meg O. said...

She is such a pretty girl!! Love that photo. I really wish I had hired a photographer for K's birthday party. Lesson learned!! But it looks like V had a great party and a lot of fun was to be had!

Jennifer said...

Party planning is no joke. I think it looked perfect and you are probably one of the few that knows what went wrong. Don't worry that everything wasn't perfect because I think V had a blast! :o)

Jean said...

I am not even a mom and I already get stressed out over parties! If I am the way I am now, I can't imagine when I ever become a mother. Yikes!

I love the decorations that I see. And that is awesome that your cake pops turned out great on the first try! You really gotta give yourself some credit! Ranting is okay. I think it's not normal if you don't. I'm afraid about this too, I would probably want something real intimate as I am a intamite person, too. Big parties stress me out bad! Not fun.

These photos can share with her in the future how much she is loved!! xo

Cole said...

I think it looks great! No stressing, my dear...she'll just look at pictures and see how much her mom and dad loved her to throw such a great party. :-)

Lauren said...

It looked awesome! 1st birthday parties are always supposed to be big & crazy ;-) I'm sure V had a blast!

Katie said...

I'm sorry it didn't turn out like you visioned with the wind and all! I think it looks great! I never get the pictures I want either - it's nearly impossible to host and take pictures at the same time.

Christina said...

I love the piñata! I think it looked so cute and you did a great job. I love the framed pictures of her. And your cake pops had to have been good if they were eaten so fast! Haha! I'm a mess when I plan birthday parties and nothing ever turns out the right way and everyone cancels at the last minute and we always have too much food (Jacob HATES that) and my kids seem happier playing in the dirt or sprinkler than with anything I buy or decorate with. And it is so hard to get pictures when everyone is talking to you, needs something, or you're running around getting food or drinks. I've always designated my dad to take pictures. He would rather play with his grandsons than socialize anyway, so it works. It's also so expensive! I do love to do it, but it would be a lot easier just to have cake and ice cream and call it a day. I felt that way about Thanksgiving last fall. Nolan was sick so we didn't go anywhere. We walked to the park, ate chicken nuggets, watched a movie and relaxed and played. I love my family, but it was the best holiday ever, just the four of us.

Mrs. W. said...

Well I don't know what all you had planned, because I think this looks great. Your dessert table is super cute! But now I'm all nervous about Ellie's party, lol. In my head it's going to be this totally Pinterest-worthy extravaganza but in real life...we shall see.

I think her party looks great and I'm sure she had so much fun! And hopefully you'll get more pics soon! :) (and when you do, share them!!!)

Faith said...

It's the worst when things don't go as planned but it's what I expect now. But for all it's worth I think it turned out great. I think you did well. You put lots of time and thought into it.

Heather said...

I'm so worried about naptime running into Skeeter's party time for her birthday party!!! At least V looked adorable and had fun!


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