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Mar 8, 2013

I was so excited to share this beautiful color with y'all.

Julep - Joan

But instead of taking pictures this morning of my already perfectly pretty mani, I went and added another coat this morning because in my crazy head that's exactly what it needed and surely it would dry in no time and still look as pretty as it had... before I went and effed it up.

I'm now at work with smudged nails and I may as well have shown up in my underwear. It's not pretty. I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking because now my hands are just a mess.

So I linked up today so that hopefully you nail pros could tell me your tricks for drying your nails! I usually only paint my nails when I know I'll have the time to just be patient and let them dry (like last night) but for days like today, I needed help. I've tried these drops from Sephora before and they were crap. At least for me. Recommendations are welcome!

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Lauren said...

Love that color anyways but hate when I smudge my nails :-( Have a great weekend girl! xo

Rhonda said...

This cracks me up - I do this all the time.

Kari said...

That color is amazing. I'm so sad I cancelled my Julep! May have to start up again :)

jennie said...

I got this colour in my maven box a couple of months ago and it's the first red that I actually like! It's probably the glitter (and by probably I mean totally. haha!).

jennie said...
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Aishah said...

That's a lovely color!
For nails not to smudge, I usually paint my nails while I'm watching TV or something :)

Just stopping by for the link up :)

Holly said...

Cute Color, I like the pop of sparkle it has. Ha Ha on trying to repaint them this morning. My trick is do each layer and let it dry just incase. Start with one hand let your base coat dry fully them start with the color. That way if you need to run in the middle or stop you are covered and can come back to it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Kali Angeles said...

Hi Jessica, just wanted to see what you are sharing in the Nail files link up. I love Julep and this is a pretty awesome color! I use a super fast drying top coat that really lives up to it's name - It's Poshe's Super fast drying top coat lol. You can find it at a beauty supply store. SERIOUSLY, it gets my nails surface dry in 1 minute and totally dry in like 3. Try it :)

Kali Now Living

Rachael Farris said...

Hey there! Visiting from The Nail Files! Pretty color, and my trick that I use is COLD WATER!

Seriously, cold hardens nail polish faster than heat. I saw it on Pinterest and tried it and it really works! Just let your nails set for about 30 seconds (as long as it takes to polish your other hand) and then run each nail under the water for a count of 30 each nail. Do this once for two coats, and an additional coat for each time over two. It works!!

Sending you sunshine,

Christina said...

Pretty color! That's what my nails looked like yesterday! I painted them and then had to change a diaper. Hahaha! The last time I was at Julep they said Freedom and their Quick Dry Drops work best when you let your color dry for a minute first. I know that doesn't help with being super quick, but I tried it and it really does work better. They harden faster.

Mrs. W. said...

Love that color!

I have also heard the cold water trick for drying nails - have a glass of ice water on hand to dip your nails in to help set the color. I've tried it before and I think it works, but frankly I'm terrible at painting my nails so they always look like crap anyway. I think it's unrelated to the ice water. :)

Faith said...

Haha I've done that a time or five! Too funny :)

tara said...

thats a really pretty color!


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