It's Sunday and I'm blogggiiing!

Mar 10, 2013

(Sung to the tune of Elf's "I'm in a store and I'm siiiinging". Someone always still has Christmas on the brain.)

Last night was a night. Thunderstorm with hail + sick kid + sick mama = makes for two beat ass tired parents. Notice I didn't say the kid was beat ass tired. She slept in til nearly 11 (ok now I'm just showing off) and is bursting with energy now. At least the sleeping in allowed for me to actually blog on a Sunday morning and enjoy my coffee (and Property Brothers!) in peace.

Speaking of Property Brothers, the couple on there had 4 kids and hearing their newborn cry + the screaming toddlers nearly gave me a panic attack. I really think one kid might do us good. ("That'll do, pig.")

Now for some random talk.

We got this for V for her birthday and girl is uh-bsessed so do yourselves a favor and get your kid one.

I received my birth print from Brittany and it's totally adorable. I mean, Malynn is in GOLD GLITTER! Love.
Do yourself a favor and order all the things from Brittany!

I got crazy and showed on Instagram the mess I made of V's room yesterday. The time to purge has come.
Do me a favor and answer me this: Should I sell at resale or start an IG shop?


Anonymous said...

We have that activity cube too! Love it! I was supposed to get it for her for her 1st birthday but I got it early. So glad I did.

Hope you feel better!

Christina said...

I want to win that giveaway!!! I just suck at remembering to tweet every day. That activity cube looks awesome! Did you get the Christmas music I emailed you?

Suze said...

Activity cube looks awesome. I will have to invest in one of those. :)

Nick's room is out of control too. Let me decide what you do. I'm redecorating my kitchen and other places and I want to sell some of the artwork but I don't know how.

Sarah said...

Sally loves her Zany Zoo too!

Miranda said...

Mason got that activity thingy for his 1st b-day and still likes it! he was playing with it today! also that ecard speaks the truth.

Urban Flowerpot said...

...and this is how I found your blog! Searching for preemie humor! Hello, I'm a preemie mom blogger (, too, and also a preemie preemie blog contributor ( I've started reading your blog and you seem to rock. I just started using Twitter so I have extra-lame Tweets that will make you feel extra-awesome about your hiatus Tweets. I sent you a request on Instagram because I like using it and that completes the introduction trifecta. :)


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