we weekended like pros.

Jul 30, 2013

Truth be told, sometimes as parents, you forget to just be you or to just be a couple. Maybe that doesn't happen in every family but it really has for us. We're both so busy with either work, baby, school... that we just don't make the time for ourselves. It irritates us so much when people are talkers and not do-ers so we've really tried to not be that way and just make shit happen! And in the recent weeks, we've actually pulled off "me" time and date time. I really, super love it.

Last Friday, we went to the Cocktail event that I'd mentioned winning tickets to. It was so nice to just have a night with my sexy bearded man! The food was yummy, the cocktails were even better AND it was all free! Oh, free beer too. Guess what we drank the most of that night? We got in a ton of people watching, listened to some good music and got to see some art. It was fun! Honestly, the crowded bar atmosphere isn't our thing anymore but we said screw it and had a blast. Go, us!

Saturday was a really great day, too. Lots of down time with our girl and we even got her crib set up for the transition from co-sleeping to sleeping on her own. (By the way, it's been amazing. We're ALL sleeping much better and should've done this long ago.) That night we met up with my friend Megan, her fiancĂ© and their daughter, for dinner at the Boardwalk on Bulverde. It's a food truck park that we've loved going to for a long time so it was a great idea. We didn't realize though until we got there that this weekend was their Food Truck Throwdown so it was super crowded. Totally fine but heat + crowds + a tantrum-y babe don't mix. The food and company were really good but let's just say my child should've stayed home. hahaha

The rest of the weekend consisted of important things like admiring my new Old Navy clearance necklace (yes, I totally spent time admiring it), Ronnie whipping up frozen bananas into faux ice cream, sniffing Fall candles and wanting to cry because fall feels so far away and dressing up our child like a little old lady at Target...the yooj. It was a good weekend.
Hey-oh! Notice a new look around here???
Thanks to Jana, I have a snazzy new blog design that I am completely in love with! I have a new button and Jana even makes her design logo match YOUR design. (see the bottom of the page) Isn't that awesome? I just gave her my ideas, a color palette and she whipped it up super fast. I highly recommend her! Check out her design page here. I also updated my about me + us page and created a daily reads page :)


Lauren said...

Looks like a seriously fun weekend girl, great pics. Love the new blog design too!!

Suze said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. It's hard balancing me time, we time, and trio time. I'm trying hard, but I really need several more hours added to each day. :)

I seriously love your new look. LOVE IT!

Jean said...

i love the CURRENT! well, at least the one in MN.. wonder if it's the same stuff? but their music is great and throw great parties! so glad you guys had some time together.

kjpugs said...

Looks like so much fun, I LOVE food trucks! And those tasty looking beers :( PS- your blog looks awesome!!!

Jessica @ Dream Mo(o)re said...

I LOVE the new design!! And Violet is as cute as ever! I wish they had food trucks around here, but they don't unless there is a convention or something. ;)

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the new blog design! I am also wanting Fall to come, but i think it is because we are having fall like weather here in the midwest, high in the low 70's for the past week and the highest this week is 80 our air conditioner is getting a break, windows open and i am wanting to decorate for fall already!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new design! :o)
WE are so bad at not doing things as a couple! I'm finally learning to take time for myself and yet, I still feel guilty about it. I txt Erin a million times to see if I need to come home. :o)
But his crazy hours and just wanting to hang out as a family, mean dates are few and far between. Shoot, we even canceled our movie date last weekend.....but for a good reason, race traffic is NOT something you mess with! :o)

Christina said...

Yay for dates! Jacob and I are getting a day date on Saturday. I cannot wait. I went to the Bite of Seattle two weekends ago (similar to a food truck festival) and had a blast and ate waaaaay too much. So good. We blend frozen bananas too! We call it "banana swirl" and put it in ice cream cones and top it with sprinkles. We learned it from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" Haha!

Shoshanah said...

What is that waffle from the food truck topped with? It looks delicious!

And yes, I'm so ready for fall. I'md just really over this heat.

Finally, I do love the redesign! The flowers are so pretty, and I love how your social media buttons are all in the top corner.


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