the hair of it all.

Aug 5, 2013

Because I'm an obsessed mom who posts pictures of my child nearly daily on Instagram, I get a lot of comments about the hair. It's so hilarious to me how crazy it's getting but at the same time, it's not a surprise to me since I have curly hair and my brother and sister had major curls when they were babies. So for a fun recap, let's check out the hair from the past week. Insane, I tell you.

And this. This is just adorable. Her wake up (and morning hair!) from yesterday:

(that loud yawn in the background is her toy. ha
and don't mind my loud voice in the morning. I'm sure it annoys her, too ;)
Ok so enough baby talk but still kind of sticking to the hair theme because really, these guys have amazing hair. Who here watches Million Dollar Listing New York?? I'm so upset that the season's over but it was such a good finale! Though I'm not buying Fredrik's "sensitive" side, I still love him. I really would've preferred that they just end the season with his wedding though. I may or may not have cried during that episode.
I'm still Team Ryan (he's such a little hottie) and I'm intrigued by this new, little evil side that he's teasing us with for next season. And his purple Vespa!! Love. I'm still unsure how I feel about Luis. I love his enthusiasm but the machismo thing is just too much. The "Boom!" and "I love it!" has gotta go, I've heard enough. I think overall I've just been bored with summer TV. I need at least a few shows per week to keep me happy and with that show ending, all I have now is Dexter! I'm just excited that Million Dollar Listing LA is coming soon and Breaking Bad, too!! AAGH! What are you watching?? Give me ideas!


kjpugs said...

GAHHHH MILLION DOLLAR LISTING. I am also not buying Fredrik's sensitive side. I feel like that's his husband's influence and not really him. I think Ryan is trying to shed the frat boy image and get taken as seriously as more talented brokers like Fredrik. Luis on the other hand? Still hate. Just go home. That fake creepy smile and laugh... bleggghh. Sick.

Violet has WAY better hair than all three of them, by the way :)

Heather said...

I seriously LOVE her hair! Skeeter's hair is starting to get thicker and I love it too.

Lauren said...

Her hair is simply the cutest :-)

Natalie Tate said...

Oh goodness - I haven't been in the blog world for so long. I think last time I blogged, Violet was just a BABY and look how big and gorgeous she is now!

(This is Natalie from Legally Married - I am starting a new blog and trying to get reconnected with all my online friends! My new blog is )

Faith said...

She has the best hair! So cute.

Mrs. W. said...

I LOVE her hair. Someday Ellie will have hair and I will love that too, but for now, I'm living vicariously through you with V's hair. :) It's just so cute and it seems like those wild, crazy curls really suit her personality!


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