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Aug 22, 2013

This week has been a little crazy.
First, my car started acting the fool. The a/c will blow hot at first and then after a couple minutes of driving, it starts blowing cold. It's happened before but when my car was under warranty. I'm not looking forward to taking it in now and having to pay for it. And it's not like I can go without a/c anytime soon either so it HAS to keep working. Hello, south Texas problems.
Then, our water heater started leaking on Tuesday night and just completely soaked one side of the garage. I'm still not ready to go out there and see what or if anything got ruined. Hello, Christmas boxes. Thankfully, Ronnie was able to fix it and it's back in working order now. My hero. I was dumb to never add "handy" to my list of husband requirements but I lucked out and got it anyway ;)
Then, there's this kid. She's just chugging along with us, through all the random drama we seem to have.
Some days I feel so guilty that we had her (our "surprise" baby) when we did. When we weren't prepared for her, money or time wise. But then I snap out of it and remember that we manage just fine and she's a happy, healthy, wild child and that's all I could ever ask for. No matter how hard things can get, these are the days I know I'll always remember fondly.
And on a side note: that little elf ear of hers doesn't seem to be going anywhere and that makes me happy. I love it.

And I just have to share this because honestly, it makes me SO proud. It's only 16 seconds long but to me, the too-embarrassed-to-act-silly person that I've always been (and always hated about myself), I am ECSTATIC that she's turning out to be a goof just like her dad. 


Lauren said...

She's just adorable and are an amazing mom! :-) The little "elf ear" is so cute haha!

Monica said...

ahhhh she is the cutest little thing!!!

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

She's so funny and cute!

Mrs. W. said...

So sorry about all the repairs! That sucks!

I love her wild dancing. I feel the same way about Ellie when she goes right up to a stranger and just starts talking to them - that's SOOOO not me, but totally her dad. I love it. :)

And oh man, the elf ear. It's too much!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I always say that I hope Mackenzie continues to 'dance like no ones watching.' :o)
And we are never ready for babies/kids. We planned, but then it's like, Oh I got pregnant too easily...I thought it would take we are, we have a kid and have moved 3 times and she's not even 3. But, totally worth it!

Jean said...

on our nicer car, the tire pressure is low so i haven't been driving it (brady takes the bus).. i've been driving the older one; which does not have A/C and it has been in the 90's. just my luck. but i manage since i work 10 minutes ago w/ no traffic. whew.

and love those elf ears! :)

Sarah said...

She is so precious!!

kjpugs said...

V is so incredibly cute!!! And so are you! Sorry you had craptastic stuff happen all at once (um, central FL with no AC in my car for more than a year... I hear ya) but at least Ronnie is handy! B is... NOT. haha!

Miranda said...

i love her elf ear! and that video is too cute! she does look like you so much! :) hope your water heater and car problems don't suck too much!

Courtney said...

The car thing sucks :( I'm sorry things have been awfully hectic for you lately. Hopefully it'll calm down soon.
Miss V is just the cutest thing ever! Love the Broadway dancing :)

Anonymous said...

I think people say you'll never have enough time or money to have a baby! ;) So, I think it's wonderful that ya'll are blessed with a sweet little one. :)


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