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Sep 23, 2013

Who is this person that hasn't blogged in a month?! Life and work (mostly work) have really kept me busy lately and I just haven't had it in me to focus on blogging but dang, a month is a long time. I don't think I've taken a month break in a while! I've gotta say though, it was a really nice break. Until I was reminded by my oh-so-sweet fiancĂ© that I can't be slacking on blogging because THIS IS OUR BABY BOOK. And like that, the guilt took over. I'm already that mom who hasn't ever written in her baby book and now I'm not even keeping up with this! Hashtag: working mom problems. Or maybe that's a cop out because there's probably a lot of working moms who are way better organized than I am!

So my last post basically left off at whining about our car trouble and water heater trouble...All were resolved and everything is fine and dandy in those departments. Shortly after that post, Violet turned 18 months and since then we have seen such a change in her. She's grown more hyper, more active and just so silly. We work on words all the time and she's definitely starting to get more talkative. She's probably not the most talkative kid out there and doesn't have the biggest vocabulary but she's making a ton of progress and sometimes I truly believe that with two such stubborn parents, she is just being stubborn with talking - basically, she only talks if she wants to.

And just for my own record, here's what she's been saying. I think her main thing right now is that she's ALWAYS looking for the moon when we're outside and immediately points and says "moon!", in her cute little raspy voice. She says "mo" (more), "bah!" (when's something's done or gone or she wants you to stop. ha), ""buh bye" (all the time!), "please" (peas), "car", "wawa" (water), "no" (that's a fun one :), "bean" (binky), "nummy" (that comes out a lot when she's eating something she really likes, it's adorable), "birdy" and she says "tweet tweet tweet" when we ask her what a birdy says and "woo woo woo" when we ask her what the doggies say :) I know there's a little more but I'm kinda scatterbrained at the moment and can't remember it all. But yeah, she's 18 months old (almost 19 at this point) and pretty typical in every way. Her appetite's grown so much and she's now finally wearing mostly 18 month clothing and probably very soon, 18-24 month clothing. She's still super obsessed with sunglasses, the LaLaLoopsy movie that she watches constantly on Netflix and she sleeps really well. Probably due to how wild and active she is. She's noticing a lot more when we leave and that breaks my heart for when we put her into MDO or daycare soon. We're only planning on doing that a couple times a week and mostly for the interaction with other kids!

But anywho, here's how the rest of our August went...

We went on a much needed date...I got my first ever Bzz box and it was full of Quaker goodness that Violet devoured...and we celebrated my momma's 60th birthday!

I guess at some point this week, I'll post an update on September, so far!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall weather. I woke up to 60 degree amazingness and enjoyed it while I could because the high will still be 90 today. Ah, South Texas :)


Suze said...

I can't believe she's already nearly 19 months! And Nicky's right behind her. It's so crazy how quickly time is flying.

She's a doll!

Lauren said...

Welcome back, seems like you have been doing well (from IG) always love the pics of V, adorable :-)

Anonymous said...

All I can say with the talking is it's no big deal if her vocab isn't up with the other kids. Mackenzie is still being watched by the pediatrician for her talking. But she makes enough improvements by every appointment that we have yet to see a speech therapist. Sounds like Mackenzie...stubborn and will speak when she can do it right.
Good luck with day car or MDO. Mackenzie needs to be in something, but I'm considering just putting her in 3 year old preschool next year.
Hey we all need a blogging break. I'm barely blogging 2 times a week these days. :o) Glad all is going well! :o)

Miranda said...

wow 19 months! mason didn't really start really talking till 2 1/2. Literally would say like 5 words (he could understand us) to saying 20 in one day. I think he just didn't want to! I am so behind on so many things but one thing i am proud of is that I did Mason's 1st year baby book and it is all finished! i can't believe it! I'm glad to read your update....can't wait to hear more :)

Mrs. W. said...

I miss your blogging!!!!! Nice to read an update, even if I am weeks behind, haha. I chuckled at V's love of the moon because just within the last week, Ellie has also become obsessed with finding the moon, and if she can't, she's all, "where moon go?" These kids, man.

Hope life slows down for you a bit soon so you can catch your breath!


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