I'm alive!

Oct 25, 2013

I really hate apology posts and I'm not here to say sorry, as if you were just sitting there waiting to hear from me ;) But I'm alive and finally taking a breather after the most insane time of year at work. Our event went SO well and I'm happy it did but I'm more happy about the fact that it's over for now. We work on it all year and then the 2 months before are absolutely stupid busy and then I have to leave for 10 days for the actual event. I was beat when I got back but am slowing getting back to normal. Thank goodness it's Fall and I have THAT to boost my spirits.

Soooooo. What's been going on?


We got to ride in a giant Target cart car thingy - yes, that's one of my notable September moments. Y'all know I love me some Target. Violet turned 19 months (WHAT?!). I turned 31 (HUH?!). I celebrated my birthday with a date night with my honey and on the first cool morning of the season, I got my hair did by my wonderful sister-in-law as a birthday present. That was a good "me day". I'd only had a cut recently but hadn't colored my hair in over a year, at least. I need to get back into that, my hair just looks SO much better. Then a week after my birthday, I had a joint birthday lunch with my cousin and some close family. It was a nice end to my birthday week!


VEGAS. That's about all that has consumed my life this month. The month basically was prepping for the trip, spending lots of time with the fam before I left and then spending 10 days in Vegas. Fun times were definitely had in the evenings (hello, it's Vegas) but I promise you, I actually worked, too. At least 12 hours every day and all on my feet. But it's ok because that's a requirement to balance out the kind of good eating and drinking we did at night!

When I got home, I basically squeezed the stuffing out of Violet and haven't let her go since. She hasn't let me go either and has been super clingy but I get it. I love being a mom and also having my career but doing both is tough, for sure. Days like these really make me wish I could give it all up and just stay home with her. I know that's not an option though right now so I try and just give both "jobs" my best. But I digress.

I'm just glad to be back to real life and a calm life, for a bit. I'm so pumped for hopefully the pumpkin patch this weekend and Halloween next week! And today we're throwing a surprise office bachelorette party for a co-worker who shocked everyone and married her boyfriend on the last day we were in Vegas! We all left to go home but they stayed behind a couple extra days to get married. SO awesome but I wish we'd known so we could've had a legit bachelorette party in Vegas!! But we're doing mimosas, food and games this afternoon for her at the office and I'm excited!

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging soon but fair warning - I think for sure this time that I'm going to turn this blog into a 95% baby book for Violet. I've been awful at keeping record of things happening in her little life and that needs to change... So, definitely less of me-me-me and more of the mom stuff that might get sappy and annoying (yeah, I even annoy myself sometimes). Don't say I didn't warn ya ;)


Sara said...

Welcome back! And I fully support a 95% baby book for Violet, because she's pretty much the cutest and if I could have one like her, I would probably want a baby right NOW!

Glad crazy work stuff is done (for now) and hooray for your event going so well!

Suze said...

Welcome back! I am glad that it was awesome but all over. :) Violet is growing up so fast!

I know what you mean about working moms- I am not close with any working moms with young children around here really except one. Literally, one. I feel like I'm always justifying my choice, but then I remember that working doesn't make me less of a mom. I know that what I'm earning and learning are just going to give Nicky an even better, more secure future. (I'm not just trying to make us feel better- I truly believe that!)

Lauren said...

Yay welcome back girlie!!!! Missed ya :)

Lauren H Edmondson said...

been missing your posts! Looks like y'all have lots of excitement, I stalked your instagram and lived vicariously through your Vegas trip by the way haha!

Anonymous said...

You really have been busy! I will enjoy reading your blog, even if it's all about V. :o) She has seriously grown up so much, well she just looks so much older. I can't stand it! :o)

Mrs. W. said...

I'm glad to see you around and you know I'm not complaining about more Violet. :)

Meg O. said...

You are one busy mama, indeed! Glad all the work stuff went well. :)


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