Our October

Nov 19, 2013

The month of October was so wonderful and I'm in shock at how quickly it came and went! I'm not complaining though because Fall in general is the point in the year that I live for and not because of fall weather (because lezbihonest, we don't really get a true Fall in Texas) but because it's the calm after the storm. It's that point where my work event's done, I got that way-too-long trip out of the way and I can just BREATHE. Work is SO quiet right now and I'm loving every second. Being this care free at work keeps me from "taking work home" and I'm just so carefree when I get there. I actually just chill out with my child, not a care in the world! I wish every day could be like that! It's just been a great time lately.

So, October. What did we do.... We took V to her 2nd ever pumpkin patch! And of course I couldn't narrow down the pictures, there are just too many cute ones! She called every pumpkin "ball" and had the best little time exploring the place. There was a pretty decent crowd but she walked around like she owned the place. Totally her dad. ha! And what a difference from when we took her to her first pumpkin patch last year, when she was a clingy acid reflux baby that wanted none of that having fun stuff. ha!

During the rest of the month...

We had some professional pictures taken of Violet since we hadn't had any taken since her 1st birthday. We've only ever had pro photos taken outdoors but this was a mini session in studio which was different but we're happy with the results!

I dressed her up in my old Raggedy Ann costume from my 2nd Halloween, it was adorable! We were thisclose to dressing her as that for Halloween but decided to do our own thing...

She had her 18 month appointment, two months late. Whoops! With all my craziness at work, we just never got around to it. Plus, she's not a fan of the doctor's office so it's not like I was excited to do it! ha She's still our teeny girl - measuring 31" tall and weighing only 23.8 pounds.

Then, Halloween! We went to Morgan's Wonderland which was absolutely perfect for a kid her age. She had the best time, she got to trick or treat from different tables and we didn't have to fight crowds. And I may be biased but she was the perfect little Snow White!

That was our October!

This month is flying by too (as time seems to do) but we've been having fun! Update on the month so far, coming soon :)


Jean said...

so adorable that violet.

i can't believe next week is thanksgiving! omg!

Anonymous said...

So glad work has slowed down for you! It of course picks up for Erin just before the holidays and Ethans arrival.
V is adorable as always! M doesn't like the doctors either. It's actually to the point where she doesn't like anyone in scrubs! So taking her to my dr is just as bad as her dr.


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