Of course I have a wish list

Nov 22, 2013

One week from today, the madness of Christmas shopping will start (unless you're gaggy and perfect and have already started your shopping ;) and I have zero clue what to get anyone. I have my list of people to buy for and that's about it. But being the brat I am, of course I have my own wish list ready to go! ha

I put together a board on Pinterest and it's the easiest way to keep my selfish wishes organized. My mom's been bugging me for a list for a while now so I sent this to her and of course to Ronnie. My mom still gets me what she wants to get me (feeling the love, mom! ha) but Ronnie actually pays attention :) Like the year he got me the one Kate Spade bangle I wanted, or the year we said "no gifts" and he still surprised me with Old Navy and Target gift cards. I'm totally not that person who thinks gift cards are not thoughtful either. If you've thought about me, you know I really just love shopping so a gift card is the perfect thoughtful gift! Am I right?!

Tell me if you've posted a wish list too this year, I wanna see it!

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1 comment:

Christina said...

Ooh, cute new layout! I have a wishlist on Pinterest too, but haven't updated it in a long time. I need to do that!


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