A bit of November.

Nov 25, 2013

When I get behind on blogging, I end up bombarding y'all with a ton of pictures at once. So thanks to those few of you who stick with me ;)

November. It's been a busy month. It's not a coincidence that once our weather actually cools down, we feel energized and actually WANT to be out and about. So we've been doing a lot and making tons of memories with our girl. Our girl that has actually hit her terrible twos, oh, about 3 1/2 months before actually turning 2. She is all about the crying, whining and tantrums lately. Full on tantrums. She means business when she's in tantrum mode. Lord, help me. I'd be lying if I didn't say it's been completely exhausting and I miss the girl I had just a few weeks ago who rarely threw a fit...I'm also slightly terrified of what's going to come the older and more strong willed she becomes. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, right? 

This month, we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday, visited some with Ronnie's family too and then went to Wurstfest with Ronnie's sis and her boyfriend. So fun!! We hadn't been to Wurstfest since the year before I got pregnant and it was a much needed fun night out!

Then we took this girl to the Zoo for the first time! I'm looking forward to when she's older and able to participate in more things like the museum, water parks, etc. but for now, this was perfect and she had a blast, especially at the Butterfly House! (Disclaimer: By going to places like the Zoo or Sea World, for that matter, I'm not saying we agree with what they're doing. AT ALL. And we feel guilty every time we're there. But sometimes there's not a whole lot of places to take a small toddler and these places just work for us. So no judging, ok? :) 


Violet's also become obsessed lately with dress up - particularly with my clothes. She'll find something of mine and bring it to me wanting it on. It's adorable. She's noticing what her clothing looks like too. She'll bend over and stare at her leggings if there's a pattern on them. ha. She talks our heads off and I'm really happy with the progress she's making in that department. Her most recent words include "munk" (monkey), "hoo hoo" (for owls), and our favorite... c-o-c-k. Yup. That stands for clock in her world and we think for truck too. And wouldn't you know, it's one of her most repeated words. Fun :) She's just the best (when she's not throwing a tantrum, of course ;)

We just put up the Christmas tree last night - haven't decorated it yet - and she LOVED it. She even kissed it. ha! I'm so excited for the holidays with her!

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Anonymous said...

That's how Mackenzie pronounces clock too! And it's the f-word for sock. :)
Ah, tantrums, the best! I have to say we've been lucky, although it doesn't seem like it some days. Although I have a feeling 3 is going to be really hard around here.


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