Thanksgiving 2013

Dec 2, 2013

Even after the insane amount of food I ate on Thanksgiving (at two Thanksgiving lunches, I might add) and after the leftovers I ate on Friday, I'm still not over turkey. Ronnie's already gagging at the thought of it but not me. I'm a true Thanksgiving hog. I just love food. Maybe too much according to my now snug jeans but that's the price you have to pay!

So, this Thanksgiving was spent having an early lunch at my parents' and then a late lunch at Ronnie's mom's and step dad's place. Lots of love to go around but it does make for an exhausting day. Especially now with a toddler! We were beat by lunch and I'm sure you can see it in our faces. I could barely get a good picture of Violet this year, she was just all over the place. In fact, she wouldn't even sit still for lunch at either place! She just wanted to play and run around and come sneak a bite of food every once in a while. Oh, to have just a bit of her energy :)

It was nice to see my sister who was in town from school and of course, the rest of the family :) ha I know my sister was most excited to see Violet. She hadn't seen her since the summer and they had a lot of fun together! I'm glad we finally got some updated family pictures, too and especially thankful we got them before we stuffed ourselves silly. You'll notice my brother and Violet both had wardrobe changes at some point. ha

Then it was on to the next! We were absolutely beat down by this one. SO so tired. On a normal day, we would've crashed out for a family nap at this time. ha But we pressed on and we had a fun time too! I finally got some wine in me and we just sat around drinking and talking while Violet ran around getting into everything basically. She loves being at her Maw's house (this is where she goes when Ronnie has to be at school) and she had the best time there. It was a fun night but we were glad to go home that night and get comfy!

It's funny to see just how many more pictures we got at my mom's compared to Ronnie's family and of course we love them just the same but I blame my mom's obsession with pictures. Ronnie likes to call them her "photo shoots" and he's been forced to grin and bear it through many a shoot. lol. All in all, Thanksgiving was great and I can say now that the exhaustion was worth the fun time we spent with them!
Though had you asked us that during the day, we might've responded a little differently. ha

Now, we're getting ready for Christmas around our house! I finally decorated EVERYTHING yesterday and can't wait to show y'all! Nothing fancy but just a lot of cute random decor around the house. After I decorated, I cleaned the house from top to bottom (at oh, around midnight. ugh). My biggest wish is that Santa will bring me a weekly housekeeper... but we're probably years away from that ever happening. ha

.And just because I love a good side-by-side:
Thanksgiving 2012 vs. Thanksgiving 2013
A lot has changed since last year and our girl has grown like crazy! 
Still as feisty though and not into sitting still for pictures, apparently. 

Hope you and your loved ones had a fabulous Thanksgiving too!!

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Lauren said...

Looks like you all had an awesome Thanksgiving, great photos! :-)


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