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Dec 3, 2013

Cupcakes, twinkle lights, tantrums, obsessing over stuffed animals and decorating for Christmas is basically what's been happening in her toddler-hood. I didn't even mention in my last post that Violet turned 21 months on Thanksgiving. Seriously - how are we only 3 months away from her turning 2?! I was just acting all shocked and brokenhearted over her turning ONE!

Not to say this kid isn't already preparing us for two though - the terrible two's have slowly been creeping their way into our house for a few weeks now. Violet had her first public meltdown just last week, while I was paying at Old Navy. MY happy place! I felt like an awful parent with everyone staring and sighing but I remained calm and we got through it. And that is life with a toddler. This stage has honestly been one of the most trying and exhausting times we've had with her so far but I can say it's also had a way of becoming one of my favorite stages. Everything is just so exciting to her and she's so curious, so much more than just a few months ago. It's like she actually enjoys things now, like a real life KID! ha Which also comes with being vocal about disliking things too and the constant "No" but we won't go there ;)

She has her favorite stuffed animals, she loves making animal sounds, dressing up, getting into our cabinets and destroying the kitchen, hugging on and irritating our cat, being outside in the cooler weather and her favorite TV shows (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Pajanimals, Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid and Doc McStuffins). She's always asking for "wawa" (water) and "molk" (milk), starts saying "nigh nigh" when she's sleepy and if we'd let her, she'd take a bath multiple times a day. She's now to the point where she's actually repeating things you tell her to say. Soaking up everything like a sponge, I tell you. And we're seeing a definite left-hand prominence in her recently which I'm really curious about. I'm not sure if you can tell those things at this age? I'm just blown away by everything she's doing and how rapidly she is changing and growing! I'm getting more and more excited every day for Christmas morning at our own house and seeing her sweet little face react to it all. 

our first fire of the season and her first time seeing a fire. she was in AWE and turned so cuddly and sweet. Swoon.
her new favorite spot under the tree // "key" shoes // cupcake monster
favorite "munk" and "tweet tweet" // um the tag says 2T but that's way wrong // her own chair at Grammy's
our morning scene
i'm sure her next word is gonna be "gentle" as much as we've been saying it lately :)
So one week into 21 months...
minus the whining over eh-very-thing and the whacky toddler emotions, this girl is perfection :)


Anonymous said...

And even with the tantrums this will continue to be your favorite stage! Mackenzie also had her first public melt down a few weeks ago. And all we could do was stay calm and get to the car and go home. Like you said, it's a toddler thing and honestly, I hate how people will stare/sigh. I'm like either you don't have kids or you do and never left the house. Because it's just normal. :)
Mackenzie is actually getting Christmas this year and it's fun! Sounds like V likes a lot of the same things Mackenzie does, :)

Monica L said...

Wow she has gotten so big!!

Jessica @ Dream Mo(o)re said...

It sounds like such a fun stage!! I like all the pictures, especially the "key" slippers. I'm sure this is going to be the best Christmas for you guys yet!


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