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Dec 4, 2013

Obsessing over this.
(Seriously good ideas. What I would do to have an ounce of their creativity!)

Snacking on this.
(I finally tried it and all I can say is death by cookie butter is how I wanna go one day.)
Buying this entire line.
(This planner was just $7.99 at Target and it's perfection. The outside was blank so I just slapped on a glittery monogram from Etsy and then my planner-loving heart just about burst.)

Listening to this.
(I'm going real old school here, well, because I can. And because I'm Morrissey-obsessed.)

Downloading this.
(I look forward to Sarah Hearts' ridiculously pretty wallpapers every month!)


Sara said...

I think your little cutie pretty much needs that A-Frame Tent - it's so cute!

And I LOVE that wallpaper - just downloaded it to my computer at work so I could be all festive and stuff!

Thanks for sharing!

Monica L said...

I haven't tried cookie butter yet but everyone I know loves it...OMG I am a big Morrissey fan!

Lauren said...

Loving that planner so much with the monogram!!

Jessica @ Dream Mo(o)re said...

If you hadn't told me the planner came from Target I would have thought you ordered it with your monogram. It is so cute! I need to buy one! Especially for the next 6 months! ;)

Christina said...

Cute planner! I actually just bought one at Target cause I didn't like my new EC. Target is where it's at! I just pinned a few of those DIY ideas. Like I'm every gonna do them, but still, so cool! Thanks for sharing!


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