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Oct 29, 2012

Seems like everyone's Monday posts start off with a complaint about it being Monday. I love that we all have that same hatred in common. hahaha. So yeah, Mondays suck. Especially after good weekends, ya know?

This past Friday we got a cold front and it actually felt like Fall for a minute! I love you, Texas but you have gots to figure out how to have FOUR SEASONS. I need a full-on Fall just once in my life!!

With the weather being so dang awesome, we took the babes to her first pumpkin patch on Saturday. Of course being the non-planner I am, I just woke up that morning, realized it was finally cold enough for her to wear the Halloween dress my mom had given her and BOOM - pumpkin patch. Who needs plans anyway? ;) There's nicer and bigger pumpkin patches in our city but a nearby church did the last minute trick. Not like it mattered anyway - darling kid of mine didn't want to be put down the entire time. Just another reminder that KIDS NEED NAPS.

Exhibit A:
Of course her mood changed when we picked her up. Brat. :)
That night it was fa-reezing and instead of being out at a Halloween party with all the cool kids, I was loving being at home with my loves - heater on, DVR going and a cinnamon candle lit. Perfection. I could do that kinda thing for a living.

Yesterday, I took V to my parent's and we spent all day with them and it was nice to finally give Ronnie a vacation day after all that single dad work he did while I was out of town! ha. Added perk was getting to see my sis who was in town for the day on a sorority trip.

Random but I did a lot of thinking this weekend about how even though Ronnie and I NEVER wanted kids, a little part of me always wondered if I would really regret that, especially around the holidays. Crazy that we're now parents and going into our first holiday season with our surprise baby. It's insane, I tell you but I freakin love it!

Oh yeah and in awesome news, Ronnie and I finally caught up on pretty much everything on the DVR (except The Walking Dead!). But talk about a load off my shoulders. ha! And most importantly we caught up on Dexter, right in time to watch the new one last night...until V had plans of staying up late so again we're behind. #parentproblems.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Awww what cute pictures from the pumpkin patch, Violet looks adorable with that headband on :)

Christina said...

Hahah! I love the mad pictures. They are always my favorite of any baby. I take so many of my kids it pisses Jacob off. I love that we have kids around the holidays. Not to sound cliché or rude to those who don't have kids, but you get to experience it all through their eyes and it's that much more amazing. I'm so behind on my shows! I ended up deleting a bunch. Sometimes I write "watch tv" on my to do list. :)

Lauren said...

Such cute pumpkin patch pictures :-)

Asha said...

I love pumpkin patches! And we had a mini coldfront here too...loved every minute of it :)

p.s. - I would love for you to join my new link-up party tomorrow! :)

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I always said I would NEVER have kids and our Sawyer was a surprise too, he's pretty cool though so I think I'll keep him ;)

also love that you turned "pumpkin patch" into a verb

Jean said...

Yeah, even though we don't have any kids, we're always busy!!!!!!!!! seriously! No joke! And we do eventually want kids.. I can't imagine how that's even going to be like. Yikes!

Impromptu trips are always fun even if it was a quick one and the little one may have needed a nap. I loved how you jumped from the first words of her being crabby to happy b/c you guys picked her up. You always humor me! :)

Well, I just stayed in this weekend, no crazy bar hopping wearing almost nothing this weekend (not that I ever did that-- and don't care if anyone does that, that's their business)... We just chilled and it was so nice as the week is so busy!!!

Have a great week!!! :) :)

Jessica said...

Violet is so cute! The pictures of her sitting down made me chuckle a little bit, poor girl. ;)

Melissa said...

i love all the pictures! Violet is so cute and i love her Halloween outfit!
I agree staying in and relaxing is a great thing! Happy Tuesday!

Suze said...

Holy moly- cutest Halloween outfit ever :)

We were that way too- not really wanting kids. Now I can't imagine. Looking forward to baby's first CHristmas :)

Micaela said...

first, you two are beautiful girls!!! i can't wait til my daughter is the age where i can take her to a pumpkin patch (next year!!!) even though she's six weeks, you better believe i sent my husband out last night to get her a costume. ha unfortunately, there wasn't many options, but i think an angel costume always works right?

i never knew you never wanted kids (i'm acting like we've known each other for years, but i do feel like i know you through your blog lol) but how honest to write that you would wonder... i look at my girl Felix and i am glad i made the right choice in choosing her and getting out of a relationship where even though he was my, "the one"-- he didn't want babies and i knew i always wanted them.

Life/God always knows what's better for us than we do. She's proof of that for me. I think so is V :) (whose bow i can't get enough of!)

DEXTER!!! i don't know what to think about the whole russian mafia guy as this season's killer... no one can compare to Trinity though in my book :) and the Deb thing! BEST.SHOW.EVER.!

happy halloween xo :) and thanks for letting me ramble! ha

Mrs. W. said...

Awww I love her little Halloween outfit and her pumpkin patch adventure! Sweet baby just wants her mama to hold her. :)

I'm so happy for you guys and glad you're having so much fun with V. This holiday season is going to be amazing!


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