a roller coaster week

Dec 13, 2013

I haven't talked about it much on social media but last Friday, my uncle (my mom's oldest sibling) passed away. He was her much older half brother and was 85 years old. He had Alzheimer's and dementia and had been in failing health for a couple years now. I think we knew he might go soon but not this soon so it was a bit of a shock. I wasn't super close with him but as a kid we spent many holidays at his and my Aunt's house and I have many fond memories of him. My aunt only wanted his life celebrated and for that reason, I chose not to splash the news of his passing everywhere, to garner sympathy and what not. But thank you for any prayers and thoughts - we are at peace and I believe he is too; that's all we could want for our loved ones.  

Because of his passing and the funeral falling during the work week, I had to cancel attending an important conference in Houston with the rest of my team. It was for unfortunate circumstances but I was almost relieved to not have to go. I figured I'd get to work in a really quiet office and possibly have some flexibility to my schedule all week and I was good with that. But I got the best surprise e-v-e-r when my boss called me Saturday night and said because I'd be the only one in the office, to not worry about coming in and to just work from home as needed. ALL WEEK. Seriously? I couldn't believe it and could have peed my pants from excitement, y'all.

I really have made sure to take advantage of this unexpected week off, too. We've done a ton of sleeping in, started our Christmas shopping and of course spent a lot of time being silly with and loving on V (when she wasn't throwing yet another tantrum, that is. Oy.) I bought some paint samples to try in the kitchen, a guy's coming today to refinish our counter tops and the tree trimmers will be here shortly, too so lots of progress at the house! It's just amazing what a week it's been. Bad news early on but we're ending on a high note, thanks to so much extra time with my little family. I hope y'all have had a great week too. HAPPY Friday! (the 13th! Whoa.)

she might finally be liking her hat and it's the cutest ever.
terrible twos and public tantrums require wine. 
my new $3.99 mug from marshalls. I sure do love a good deal.
big girl ready to shop with her parentals.
being embarrassing is a requirement of momhood, right?


Katie said...

So sorry for your family's loss. But yay for working from home all week!

Oh man the terrible twos drive me to wine or cider as well. Angry Orchard is my new bedtime friend after a long day.

Jean said...

so sorry for your loss.

you make me chuckle w/ your stories about public tantrums. my 4 year old nieces feels that she is required to buy something at each store they visit. oh gosh! i don't know what's worse, two's or four's... eeks.


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