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Dec 16, 2013

You know what happens when you give a girl a surprise week off? She starts living her life like she's always going to be a stay at home mom and like she's never gonna have to work again! No joke, I got into total "never wanna work again" mode last week. It was bad and I was pretty bitter about today and being forced to work again! ha. Honestly though, no complaints here. I had the best week off! And we got soooo much done this weekend at the house.

On Friday, our trees got trimmed (that was a half day job for those poor guys) and then our counter tops got refinished! Our awful 80s laminate counters now look like a faux granite! They look AMAZING and have totally given our kitchen an updated look! We didn't want to get in the way of the guy plus the paint smell was so strong so the babe and I holed up at my parents' house and got so comfy that we ended up just staying the night. It was good! And I know my parents loved having that extra time with Violet. They're still texting me, wanting to talk about all the cute things she did at their house - like her new "grandma walk". SO hilarious and such a random thing for her to do but she'll walk around hunched over with a little smile on her face, like she knows how funny she looks. That child is a mess.
Cozying up at my parents' house // First one to pass out at the sleepover
Saturday, we went to the San Antonio Coffee Festival! We went last year (omg look at how little V was!) but it was like 80 in December and so not coffee tasting weather. This year, it was sunny again but much cooler and breezier so I was excited about that! And this year, we let V taste the coffee a little and she loved it! Apparently Ronnie's already been sneaking her sips of coffee for a few weeks now. (We're talking like a sip every couple of days; don't go calling CPS! ;) We're raising a little coffee lover and I think it's awesome! Then that night, Ronnie installed our new kitchen sink (we needed a new one badly) and poor guy, that took up his entire evening. So lucky to have such a handy manly man! ha.

Sunday was the day we acted as crazy people. Our precious child woke us up way too early so we dragged ass all. day but when we finally "woke up" in the afternoon, we decided we'd paint the kitchen RIGHT NOW! So we rolled up into Home Depot and finally chose a paint color. It was time for the two year old lime green paint to go! Pregnancy obviously made me color blind because back when we bought the paint, I swore the color was a mint, pale green...but when it dried, it was bright lime green. Total vom and so not us but we stuck with it only because being 9 months pregnant and prepping for a baby didn't leave much time for us or energy to re-paint! Major shout out to my MIL for watching V for the evening because we were finally able to get the painting over and done with! I chose a safe, basic tan which Ronnie yawned over but I love it! I wanted calm in our kitchen after the lime green insanity and I've always loved colorful accents so I'm looking forward to adding some fun things in there, including a wall dedicated to our coffee love! Can't wait to get started and show y'all some before and afters soon!

Ronnie calls them side-swept hipster bangs // Side pony. My new fave // Can't paint without wine
Now, Monday. I should be totally relaxed about the fact that this is my last week of work until after the holidays but in typical Jessica fashion, I'm stressed as all get out...Why? Because I suck at Christmas shopping this year and still have about 95% of my list to buy for! And there's only 9 days left. WTF have I gotten myself into?? Wish me luck, y'all!


Lauren H Edmondson said...

love the side pony look on V! And girl, y'all are really getting TO IT on this house update! Good for y'all!

Monica L said...

Looks like a great weekend to me!

Jean said...

uhm... yum to the coffee & wine!!

ImarriedAtexan said...

totally off topic! I love V's and I love her stroller what kind of stroller is it?


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