weekend update

Dec 3, 2012

This weekend...

  • We coffee tasted at the SA Coffee Fest. It was so fun to go downtown and do something different! Things can get stale when you live in the same city your whole life so we're always up for fun, new outings! And how often do you get to do coffee tastings, right? It was free admission and just $5 for a four-cup tasting! I could only handle 3 cups so my big strong man took one for the team and had a total of 5 cups ;) He wasn't even wired afterwards! The fact that it was 80 degrees out was kind of annoying but we stayed in the shade and had a good time!

  • I took V to her first wedding. I wasn't in the mood to go but I went anyway and even let Ronnie off the hook so he could stay home and rest after a long week at school. I was glad we went when I realized many of my out-of-town cousins were there and hadn't met V yet! She did ok for a while but as it got later and she got more tired, combined with loud music, hoards of people in her face and teething - so long to my quiet kid. We managed though and had fun spending a little time with family. Since I forgot my good camera at home, you get these 2 crappy pics of my mom, sis, me and V ;)
  • V said "dada" for the first time and of course, it made his entire life. I put her in an I Love Daddy onesie yesterday to commemorate the occasion ;)
  • I put up my little DIY Christmas letters that I made last week and it finally put me in the Christmas decorating mood. (mini tutorial on the blog later this week!)
  • I got to spend some cuddle time with the dogs. Poor guys are starving for attention since V came along :/
  • I did get some time alone when Ronnie took V to the grocery store and I organized her mountain of clothes. Her room finally doesn't look like an episode of Hoarders.
Mondays get here way too fast, man. I could use some more time at home. How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Omg that pic of Violet holding that coffee cup is adorable, starting her early, huh? ;) Sounds like a fun event to attend.

Rachel said...

I love your DIY Christmas letters! :) Visiting from the link-up.


Jean said...

I think our Coffee fest thingy cost more than that. Lucky you!

SO nice to get some alone time. :) I think, all parents deserve it!

Cori H. said...

The coffee fest sounded fun. I adore the pic of V with the coffee cup. So cute! We really need another day added to the weekend. 2 days are just not enough!

Lauren said...

Looks like a blast & love the JOY you made so cute :-)

Christina said...

I'm surprised I haven't heard of a coffee tasting in Seattle. It sounds like fun, but not in 80 degrees! I love that little cup in V's hands! I really love your letters too. I haven't been in the mood to decorate at all. Our tree is up with lights, but no ornaments. Besides the playroom mini tree and train, nothing else has come out. I need to get on it!!


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