Thursday Thoughts

Nov 29, 2012

--Thanks to Tara's tweet, I found out that May Books are 50% off today HERE! I'm grabbing one for sure. Especially because it doesn't look like EC planners are going on sale anytime soon. BOO!

--Speaking of, are you following me on Twitter? DO IT.

--Sooo many cute things at Old Navy right now. I bought a flannel top that is the coziest thing ever (I'd show you but all the flannel is missing from their site right now??) and I want one in every color!

--Also, why must my body shape be the absolute worst for skinny jeans?! I wish they worked but they just.dont.

--I used Mod Podge yesterday for the first time in years and I can say I am fully addicted. I even did a simple little DIY project! WHO AM I?

--Every year I buy a few things from the Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple line and I finally stocked up yesterday. I am obsessed and loving how I smell today ;)

--Who else is freaking out about Christmas gifts they still have to buy? I'm clueless about a few of our relatives and I'm afraid I'll end up just gving them gift cards. Which I personally love to receive but I always wonder if people think it's an impersonal gift? Thoughts?

--I heard this Christmas song yesterday and looove it. It's a tribute band singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer but set to the Beatles' I Saw Her Standing There (one of my faves!!).

Now for the mom thoughts. (Just warning those of you who don't care to read this stuff ;)

I feel like the worst mom EVER for not keeping up with Violet's monthly updates. I really could kick myself for not keeping better records. Time just flies and I feel like I've missed out on such a great opportunity that I'll never get back. But I'm going to pick it up again. I'm promising myself this.

So where did all this crazy talk come from? V turned 9 months old yesterday and I feel like it's all happening too fast. I focus on cherishing every smile, every cuddle, her scent, her giggles, everything. I know it's a good thing to live in the moment but I feel like total nutzo mom, trying to cope with her baby growing up. Please tell me I'm not alone? :/

happy 9 months, toots :)


Amber said...

Eek! I'm excited about the Maybooks. I love mine! maybe i'll get some for gifts now :)

I look ridiculous in skinny jeans too. :(

Miranda said...

i understand the whole mom thing. i didn't finish Mason's first year of life book till he turn 2. You get caught up in actually doing things with them.

I found myself doing the same thing recently on focusing on small things . Like I rocked him the other day I just tried to remember everything about it. I'm so sad that someday he will be too big for that! I'm going to be one of those parents who has a nasty case of empty nest syndrome!

so i don't know if that helped lol. i mostly just vented haha.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Pretty sure I don't have the body for them either but I still wear them LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
PS I am horrible with the monthly's, too. Other blog Moms make me feel like a legit piece of doggy doo doo when I see their monthly posts... Gah

Jean said...

I love The Beatles!

For my family, some do request for Gift Cards. Some people are picky, myself included.

Time does sure fly. It really does.

Alexandra Lackey said...

Just ordered some Maybooks for gifts for some relatives!
I'm giving some of my relatives gift cards. I'd rather have them pick something out they'll like!

Amanda M. said...

Being with her and enjoying every moment is WAY more important than documenting it... I've been good so far with the blog post updates, but her scrapbook hasn't been updated since she was 2 months... and she's going to be 5 months on Monday. Mom Fail. Um... and it's crazy that your little one is already almost 9 months... because it feels like a week ago that you posted about being preggers... time flies!

Christina said...

I love that Christmas song!!! I spent $250 at ON/Gap on Cyber Monday! And that was after my 30% off coupon. YIKES! I'd say $50 was for J, $50 for the boys, and $150 for me. I think I bought six sweaters. I hope it all fits, but I kinda don't so I get some money back. Haha! Winter Candy Apple is delicious. I bought some hand sanitizer. I took the easy way out and bought a ton of gift cards this year. I love them too, so I hope everyone else does. About V, it sucks. All of it. Nolan is at school right now and Milo is happily playing cars. I should be on the floor playing with him, but I'm blogging. It's ok though, right? I mean, kids have to learn how to entertain themselves. Hahah! I also haven't touched his baby book since he was 2 months old! I've come to realize that as a mom, you're always going to feel guilty about something. Not being a good enough parent, wife, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor... And you will never get enough time for yourself. It's hard not to dwell, but I have to remind myself I'm doing the best I can.

Trish said...

Wyatt isn't even a month old yet and I'm already freaking out like I'm convinced he'll be going off to college next week. So yes, I get it :)


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