Thanksgiving Recap

Nov 27, 2012

Thanksgiving was definitely extra fun this year, sharing it with the babe for the first time.
It was also extra exhausting.

That 4-day weekend seriously FLEW THE EFF BY. Did yours too?

On Thanksgiving, we had lunch with Ronnie's family then an early dinner with my family.
I learned my lesson after the past few years and paced myself at the first lunch ;)
Ronnie's mom (aka Maw Maw) // Showing off her Thanksgiving outfit // Being silly with Paw
Ronnie, two of his beautiful sisters, his mom and step-dad (whistling to get V to smile :)
Oh, she ate so much food for the first time. Including cool whip :)
(Which I can't even say anymore without thinking of this! ha)
Then at my mom's we ate some more, then did some Black Friday ad browsing.
(We didn't do Black Friday shipping after all. I was not in the mood to fight people!)
We took an ok family picture (V wouldn't stay still) // So happy to have my sis in town // Wine.
Grandma and Grandpa // Long day = naked baby // Water bottles and light up Santa hat were hits ;)
So that's that. A good first Thanksgiving for the little one and way too much food was consumed by her parents. Bring on, Christmas! 


Faith said...

Tell V that I just want to eat her up. But say it in the sweetest voice ever, haha.

Looks like a great Thanksgiving. Family time is the best time! :)

p.s. you should have done Black Friday shopping. nothing wrong with punching a person here and there ;)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Oh V is just a doll regardless of if she is able to stay still at all ;) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I ate too damn much and literally cried when I dropped the girls off yesterday morning. Those four days off sure went by quick!

Christina said...

Hahahaha! Whhhhhip. I love that episode! Great photos! When you have a kid the holidays take on a whole new meaning, but yeah, that level of exhaustion isn't just doubled, it's multiplied! She is such a cutie. I love her sweater dress!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Seriously? V gets cuter and cuter every time I see her; I just wanna eat her up!! ;)

And yes, the four day weekend flew the eff by for me too. Waaaah :(

Jean said...

Love that last sentence. You crack me up!

And yes, the four day wkend flew!

Such gorgeous family V has!

Anonymous said...


Mrs. W. said...

Love V's Thanksgiving outfit! So cute! Looks like such a nice holiday. :)

You're right, the holidays really are just better with the little one. Can't wait for Christmas!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

Looks like a great first turkey day for Miss V and ya'll!

Sawyer loved him a water bottle back in the day, now he has learned to open them which has been quite the catastrophe.

Ms. Chan said...

Your daughter is absolutly adorable!


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