New Years Resolution #1

Jan 9, 2014

So, apparently I cook now. Who knew?

It was one of my New Year's goals - to actually make an effort to cook. I wanted for so long to be the one that fed my family. I was just always so lazy after a long day at work and then getting home to Ronnie already cooking dinner nearly every night just gave me an easy out. See, I don't cook and never ever have. Up until maybe a year ago, I'd never even cooked pasta for crying out loud! I could make eggs, bacon, pancakes and oatmeal though. Oh, and I CAN bake. I do that all the time! Baking's not the issue. It's cooking a meal that I just couldn't do. Or never really tried to do, I should say. It just didn't excite me and I just let myself ignore it but oh how that's going to change this year!

Ronnie has his new part-time evening job sooo who's gonna cook if he's not here? Having no choice was basically the best way to get me cooking! ha. And guess what?? I actually like it! I'm excited to try more recipes! So far this week I've made a meal every night. That's HUGE around here. They've been pretty basic, super easy meals but STILL. Mama. is. actually. cooking. I even had to document it on Instagram the other night, because that's what I do.

I'm proud of myself! Y'all don't even understand! I know cooking's just a thing that everyone does but not this girl. And my night was made that first night when Ronnie got home and I was already in bed but I get a text saying "Dinner is so good.". Night made, y'all. Then on Tuesday he complimented the meal again and said that he was really liking my cooking. He liked last night's meal too! It just makes me so happy to cook for him rather than the other way around. I feel so domestic!(ish) :)

I've started food boards on Pinterest that I'm excited to keep using - three of my meals this week have come from here!

Follow Jessica's board Crockpot on Pinterest.
Follow Jessica's board Healthy Yummies on Pinterest.

I have a few more goals for 2014 that I'll talk about soon but this was one of the biggies! Now, if I could actually get my child to eat those meals, I'd consider this a real win. She's the pickiest eater ever and rarely wants to eat anything but that's a whole 'nother post for another day. Ooh and if you have a favorite, go-to, super easy recipe, send it my way! :)


lil desiqua said...

I am the exact same way-- just started learning how to cook in the fall! I have to save Pinterest is a major life saver too- there are so many options and you can find some simple yet tasty recipes! Kudos to you and good luck on your future kitchen trials!

Just Jinny said...

Oh girl! I didn't even know how to boil water when the husband and I moved in together. For years, he handled all the cooking. But over the last couple of years something has changed in me (maybe our men have been praying to some domestic Goddess?). I'm a cooking, cleaning fool! Nothing makes me happier than to find and make a super easy meal that makes my husband smile.

Christina said...

That's awesome! I really hate cooking. I do it 5/7 days a week, but it's nothing amazing, just the same 20 or so standard meals that I rotate. So I'm trying to branch out too. I'm totally stalking your pinterest boards, especially the crock pot one.

Monica L said...

I have a goal to cook more as well! The Boy always cooks I just bake up a storm. Would love to see some of the things you make!


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