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Jan 15, 2014

We had our final Christmas get together this past weekend with Ronnie's dad, stepmom, sister and her boyfriend. It was also the last day I got to enjoy my Christmas decorations!! :( Sadly, I took very few pictures while they were here but probably because we were too busy feeding our faces, drinking way too much wine and opening a ton of gifts from his generous parents. It was fun!

Adorable cookie cake that his stepmom brought // Hanging out by the presents, where else? //
Loving her time with Aunt Krissy // A sad day - taking it all down on Sunday :( 
Also fun is that I haven't had to cook a thing this week because we had so many leftovers! Everyone contributed and all I had to make was a side and a dessert - very nice when you're the one hosting! These are the two things I made and they were so stupid good! They're also some of the easiest recipes around so pin em for the future!

The leftovers are gone now and I'm excited to actually cook up something tonight for Ronnie since he's been gone since Monday! Say what? Yup, Ronnie went on a work trip! Much like all those times I've left him behind during my work trips, this week was my payback ;) He had the first part of job training in Tulsa and will arrive back home tonight. And next week, he'll be gone FIVE days in Dallas. This week, he was technically only gone 2 nights and next week he'll be gone Sunday night and return Friday night. That's gonna be a. long. week. I'm feeling pretty nervous about it!

On the mom side, I just have to say how proud I am of our big girl! She's finally starting to say a bunch of words clearly and she's actually trying to enunciate. One of those words is monkey and one is Daddy which she says so clearly now and Ronnie LOVES it :) This past Saturday she added chip, diaper and sock to her vocab and on Monday she called herself "Hyatt" which has been a looong time coming. We've been trying to teach her her name FOREVER and she's finally catching on ;) Then last night, I'm 98% sure she told me "Luh you, mama" as she was hugging me. Can I tell you how my heart basically exploded right then?

We're about a month and a half away now from her turning 2 and I'm trying not to get all sobby about it. Where has the time gone??! For her 2nd, we've decided to not throw a party. Her first birthday party was a bit much for us considering how big my family alone is and without getting too into it, things happened that now make it awkward to bring our families together sooo we've decided it's easier (and cheaper!) to keep it low key. (Until she's older and starts asking for a party!) I'm happy to have a stress free, fun day just the three of us to celebrate her 2nd and if the grandparents want to celebrate with her on their own, then we'll do that too at some point during the weekend. Just no big parties for a while ;)

kissing on daddy the night before he left  - she always makes him wear her play glasses. ha // new fun stuff! //
loooving this polish! Sinful Colors - Endless Blue // cheesing with my girl


Lauren H Edmondson said...

got to love when they start talking like little adults! We chose not to do a b*day party this year for Sawyer's 3rd because, like y'all, we have a huge family and man if it isn't expensive to feed all those party guests haha

Monica L said...

Awwww "Hyatt" thats adorable!! Those sopapillas look amazing!

Lauren said...

How fun and love all those nail colors!

Christina said...

I just pinned those recipes. Yum! I can't believe V is almost two! I bet she'll have the best birthday ever, just hanging out with her parents.


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