A Photo An Hour - Ice Day

Jan 30, 2014

It takes a link-up like this one to show me just how boring my life really is. Like, hilariously boring. ha

I figured the only time I'd remember to take a photo every hour would be on a weekend but I got the chance  to do it last Friday when my office closed for an "ice day". Let me tell you, I absolutely live for the days where I can pretend to be a SAHM! I wasn't sure I'd taken enough photos that day but surprise surprise, I did! Shows you how many random pictures I take of my day anyway. You're welcome for not posting them all on Instagram! ha We had a great day but it was nothing mind blowing or exciting so thanks for humoring me by reading along ;) 

As soon as I woke up, I went outside to see what ice we'd gotten. Not all that much, as you can see. But still, bosses said to hold off on coming into the office until they texted us. I had my fingers and toes crossed. I was desperate for a day off! So I waited...
I got the text an hour later that the office was closed. Hurray! Ice day! It was then that I decided it was a must to climb back into bed. Too bad my child didn't get the memo that you're supposed to sleep in on really cold days. She woke up 5 minutes later. And so really began our day, doggy kisses and all :)
I decided to forego coffee that morning (WHAT?) but really it's because I'm obsessed with my new mason jar cup thing and wanted to use it. So lots of Coke Zero, it was. There was nothing in the cup at this time because obviously I drink fast. I went through two big cups, too. I seriously love this cup and grabby toddler over there loves it, too.
After we ate a late breakfast (she never wants to eat as soon as she wakes up), Violet proceeded to tear apart my kitchen cabinets, her favorite thing in the world. I should've taken a picture of that but it might have caused y'all OCD'ers to to have a heart attack! It was nuts. And then we took a selfie because she's cute and I'd much rather do that than clean the mess.
In my temporary state of SAHM-ness, I decided to bake cookies. A good idea gone bad. They were smelling so heavenly when the timer went off but I had to tend to a toddler tantrum at that exact time, leaving the cookies an extra few minutes. So they burned. BAD. I'm usally a decent baker in real life :/
After playing inside for a bit/airing out the house, I decided we needed fresh air. So we bundled up (minus mittens. whoops. #momoftheyear) and braved the cold! V got to play in the "no" (aka snow. aka it's just ice) for a bit but it was so.damn.cold. It was in the low 30s y'all and I was crying frostbite! (And yes. We need to clean up those damn leaves.)
Back inside, we finally changed out of our jams, ate lunch and read some books and colored. Then Violet got stir crazy. She really really wanted back outside but I refused so she moved on to destroying my kitchen for the second time of the day and did things like scoot herself around in a strainer for a while. Girl's creative, I'll give her that!
But then she moved on to destroying the rest of the house. And that's when my nerves set in. I mean, how do y'all Northerners deal with being stuck inside a lot? I had cabin fever after one day! We both did! So she got put down for the nap that she'd been trying to avoid. It was time. I then proceeded to watch my favorite, Roseanne and respond to work e-mails. PEACE. QUIET.
Then because I'd been working so hard, I decided I'd try and nap a little too so I got back into my jams (duh) and hopped in! But this is the view from my bed. I can't close the door during a nap because the cat always wants in/out so the bright light kept me up and also reminded me that the kitchen window NEEDS a curtain. And so began my running 24/7 brain. I wasn't able to nap after that :/
Since I couldn't nap, I had a little more "me time" (aka Twitter/TV time) and then V woke up and I was back at it. I started on laundry and cleaning the mad house. Ronnie was arriving back in town that night so of course I had to make the house look like I'd kept up with it all week, right? The cleaning lasted a couple hours but I won't bore you with another picture from that fun fest. What - you're already bored?!
Then it was 6:30! The time I'd been looking forward to for an entire week!! I got myself ready and we headed to the airport to pick up my bearded man!!! It was still so cold outside but thankfully the roads weren't bad anymore. Otherwise, he would've had to cab it home!
Then because I'm an awesome temp-SAHM that didn't make dinner, we went to our fave Corner Bakery. We ate quickly, talked each other's heads off and then headed home. Ronnie was beat from a long week of training and I was beat from a long week of single mom'ing it. I was just ecstatic to have him back!!
The entire time at the restaurant and once we got home, this is what V did. She was probably the most ecstatic to have her daddy back. My heart was a pile of mush all night with her sweetness. They really are the best daddy/daughter pair I've ever seen. No bias here of course.
Finally to wind down, in her sleepy-but-dont-wanna-sleep daze, she watched a little bit of a movie, I got caught up on The Following (gah I'm obsessed with that show!) and Ronnie? Who knows. I was too tired to pay attention. ha Thirty minutes later, I put her to bed and knocked right out, too.

That was our day! Thrilling, huh? :) 
One day I might try doing this again but on a work day. I think I'm much more productive when I'm forced to shower, look presentable and go to work! I'm much too lazy when left to my own devices. ha!


Meg O. said...

Hahah I loved your post so much!! You are a killer SAHM! That is hilarious slash sad about the cookies!! Thanks for linking up with us!

Jean said...

we have had four (5, but 1 didnt count since our school was already closed due to a new quarter) subzero days. on those days, i didnt shower until 4pm; however, i accomplished so much... after awhile, i became soooo bored and wanted to go back to work.

i always wanted to try one of these - photo an hour day thing, but i don't think i could do that while working since my responsibilities are different. maybe on a weekend.

oh yeah, it's so crazy how the south has been getting ice/snow. so crazy!!!


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