Violet lately.

Feb 5, 2014

So, I have an almost 2 year old now! And to be honest, the past two months have seen the most change we've ever seen in her. She's talking like a mad child and she's now just flat out repeating what you ask her to repeat. Before it would take some coercing but now she just says it back to us immediately! I knew the time would come to get our cussing under control and that time is here - before you know it, we're gonna have a potty mouth on our hands if we don't chill with that stuff. It's so hard though! ha

Newest words for Violet: "Milet" (Violet :), book, slide, "shhh" (finger in front of her mouth and all) "ock" (sock), diapey, chippey (girl loves her chips), "cheeeese" (and it gets the biggest, cutest smiles outta her), hi and bye bye (not a big deal to some but she's refused to say those two forever! ha) and she no longer says "key" for kitty, she now says cat. I know there's more that I'm not thinking of right now - Ronnie, I know you're probably reading, help a sista out?

She's still as goofy and hyper as ever and seeing her play with other kids recently, I see what a calm, sweet demeanor she really has. She's very independent and plays well on her own but when she sees other kids, she's very chill around them. Sure, she's stolen a toy out of their hands before but she's not once been rough or mean to other kids. If another toddler has a huge tantrum or screams/cries a lot, she just kinda shrugs it off. A few months ago that sorta thing may have set her off and caused her to freak out, too. lol While she does make her messes, put things in her mouth that she shouldn't, pulls down my purse from the table making junk fly everywhere and reaches for everything she shouldn't, that's typical - she's really well behaved otherwise and we've lucked out with that. I am so thankful for her and her sweet personality in our life.
Thrifting with mama!
A breakfast date with Daddy on a gooorgeous day.

Seriously, this kid. Reading with her breakfast. The cutest!

A Starbucks date with Daddy before he left out of town.
"Colll kawhy" - cold outside :)
Making a mess of her room and looking oh-so-sweet while doing it.
It doesn't get any cuter than a bundled up Violet.
Yup. And I posted about it here
My current favorite picture. I wish she could stay this exact age.
In between the cold days, we've had some really gorgeous days, too.  
Play date with Ayden
Saying cheese as she proudly holds her measuring spoons, wearing a hat and my necklace :) 
Playground cutie at Ayden's 2nd birthday party
With Ayden at his party - both begging for soda!
With Violet getting close to turning two, we're really getting the question a lot about a second baby. We have always said we were one and done (and might still be) but the older she gets and the more she begins to understand things, I find myself dreading her ever feeling lonely and bored. Both Ronnie and I have multiple siblings but we also know what we can handle and right now, one babe is perfect for us. I do find myself daydreaming about another baby sometimes but I'm still mostly in that place of just wanting to focus on her and not share my time. Maybe when she's older I'll get there but right now, I love things just as they are :)

And back to that two business - Violet turns 2 in 23 days. I can't even begin to process it. TWO! 


Breanna said...

Violet is a serious cutie! :) I cannot believe that she is going to be 2. I remember you announcing your pregnancy! It's so bittersweet how fast time goes! <3

Lauren H Edmondson said...

oh my word, that pic of her reading her book while eating breakfast is too much girl. She is such a cutie! Sawyer is turning three in less than a week and it is KILLING me.

Amanda M said...

She is so cute, I can't believe she's going to be 2!!! And I feel you on the swearing, Drew and I have been trying SO hard lately to stop swearing in front of her, but it just keeps slipping out. I'm so scared she's going to be that kid with the potty mouth at daycare. Already she says "shit" when she's trying to say "sit"... but at least that's an honest mistake... when she starts dropping f-bombs when she drops stuff there will be no excuse.


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