a big first.

Feb 10, 2014

We've been lucky that Ronnie's school schedule allowed him to be a SAHD for most of Violet's life and that his mom has been able to watch her a lot too, as needed. Now that Ronnie's working though, we needed something more consistent and didn't want to put that on his mom either so we found a daycare! It's an in-home daycare in our neighborhood, just a few blocks away! It's Violet's first time ever in daycare and it's the first time she's ever been in the care of "strangers" so I've been pretty emotional the past couple of days. Such a sappy mom. ha I am really excited for her though; for all of us!

We thought this would be a good start for her before we eventually put her into a preschool type of program. I'm so excited for her to get some good socialization and also have more of a schedule. It's hard to keep to a schedule when she spends her days with Ronnie, then his mom, then me and then on the weekends with just us. It'll be good for her to have a real routine!

When we dropped her off, she totally forgot all about us. ha! She went right in and made herself comfortable playing with all the toys! As soon as we left, I cried like a baby and Ronnie had to remind me that we are just normal (albeit overprotective) parents. ha. We know she's in good hands and I've already texted the lady to check on her - she said she's doing great! She didn't want to nap or eat lunch lunch but that's typical stubborn Violet. She assured me that they've seen this plenty in some of their newbies and that they all eventually caught on when they see the other kids doing it. Here's hoping!

I pick her up in a couple hours and can't wait to see her little face!!


Lauren H Edmondson said...

aww such a big day! I know she had a blast and made tons of friends! We are blessed that Sawyer stays in an in-home-daycare too and we adore it.

Jean said...

i'm glad to read on IG that she liked it. :) and i'm happy you two found someone you like. i think at her age, in-home is so nice and calm and this will help her when she goes to a building for preschool :)


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