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Apr 16, 2014

Last weekend, after we got back from our failed trip (still bummed about that one), we did some fun stuff in town. Saturday, we went walking around one of our fave parks, Brackenridge and took V on the Zoo Train. The last time we went on it was months ago and we had to hold her tightly on our laps - this time she sat by herself (next to me, of course) and she was just such a big girl about it. Made me proud :) 

The weather all weekend was windy and cool and totally perfect. That night, Ronnie was fiddling around in the yard (his favorite) and I finally joined him on the front porch. We had some beer, talked about the future and I was freaking out the entire time that I was hanging out with my HUSBAND. Oh, it feels so nice to say that!!

Sunday, we went looking for bluebonnets. I'd read online that there were some good ones at McAllister Park (right down the street from our house) and while there were some good patches, it wasn't anything very lush. I think we're already late in bluebonnet season - which is typical of my procrastination every year, which is why I've never gotten a picture of Violet in them until this year. I just can't handle this picture. So big and so sweet. Love this girl!

Monday, I was surprised at work with a little wedding celebration! One co-worker made cake pops for the first time because she knew I loved them and they came out so good! We had chips and dips, champagne and those big, fake wedding rings you get for bachelorette parties. Such a fun afternoon and I'm seriously so grateful to work with these people. Drinking on the job never gets old either.

Monday night, this is the only picture I got but you can tell why it was a must. Girlfriend only got one bite of chocolate pudding and while I was behind her cooking dinner in the kitchen, she made the biggest mess of her whole life. I guess it's good we got this far without huge messes. ha It was hilarious, she was squishing it between her fingers and loving life. She got a goood bath after that!

Last night, I took this picture because now every time we get home, she has to sit in her chair for a bit before we go inside. It's so cute and I'm glad she got the relaxing gene from us ;) And if you're wondering, the chair is from Walmart. FIVE DOLLARS! Get your kids one stat!



Sara said...

That picture of V in the bluebonnets is one of my favorites - she looks so adorable, and also kind of like a mini grownup! That last picture is also too sweet - that look on her face is kinda priceless ;)

Jessica @ Dream Mo(o)re said...

She is so sweet!! I love all the bluebonnet photos you put on Instagram!

Mrs. W. said...

I love the blue bonnet picture! Her dress is gorgeous, too. She's so big!


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