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Apr 25, 2014

I can't believe it's almost May! I also can't believe Ronnie and I have now been married two weeks! I'm hoping we get to at least celebrate our one month anniversary in a couple weeks. It may seem silly to be getting excited over such "small" milestones but we've been together sooooo long and married so little of it that I think it deserves a celebration! ;)

Last Thursday, I took V to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. She hadn't been since she was a teeny sleeping newborn and we honestly forgot about it last year. She's always hated Santa but I was optimistic (stubborn/dumb/naive?) and thought "Well, she loves animals, so maybe she'll love him too!" and I was almost right. In line she was pointing at him, talking about the eggs all around him - she was happy! The moment we get up to him though all hell broke loose. It was an all out scream fest and she was clinging to me for dear life. I half expected it though so I wasn't too surprised. What I was surprised by were the looks on the faces of the moms in line behind me. One lady even was shaking her head - as she held her sleeping, maybe two month old son. I've gotta say, I've never felt more competition or more judging in my life than I have as a Mom. It's just awful. I truly thought when I was pregnant that it would be a fun gang of women all going through the same thing but somehow I feel many moms didn't get that memo. While I'm happy to befriend other moms, I sometimes feel like I get the side eye from many who are judging ME by my wild child of a two year old. What I wanted to say to those moms was "Just you wait. You'll understand one day". But I wouldn't because that's the exact judgey behavior I'm talking about but in that moment, that phrase felt so true. Yes, we're all moms but we're all in different stages and I wish all moms acted like they understood that. You may have it easy (during the day at least) with your newborn but it only gets harder - which I've heard as well from moms of kids older than mine. Yes, being a mom is amazing but it has some really trying times and those trying times only get tougher so if we're all gonna go through the same stuff eventually, why is it so hard to get along?!! Ya know? 

Ok, I'm done. I had to vent since I never vented to anyone that day when it happened. ha! Except to Ronnie. Poor guy, has to hear my bitching and honestly, he doesn't get it. I don't feel like dads deal with that kinda stuff. I could be wrong though :/

Easter morning - I wonder how much longer she'll love a bunch of little things from the Dollar Spot? I hope forever because her mama sure loves it! I got her an owl cup she's been pointing out every time we go to Target, a couple books, a puzzle, socks, necklace and sunglasses. I also put some cookies in little plastic eggs, too. She loved it!

I didn't get many pics the rest of Easter because she was all over the place and I wasn't feeling well at all. But she did get super spoiled by both my mom and Ronnie's mom. She was worn out at the end of the day! She still didn't quite get the Easter egg hunt thing but I'm sure will love it next year. 

One of her favorite gifts from one of her many Easter baskets. ha! 

Future neighborhood watcher. She pulled her chair out to the front on her own, it was adorable. Also - isn't the ribbon hanging pretty that my mom made? Perfect for Fiesta!

And this face. Seriously?! 
Two may be stressful sometimes but this makes it all worth it.

Ooh and some fun news! I'm legally a C.a.s.h! I'm so excited! I finally got everything updated at the Social Security office last Friday (only took an hour - woo hoo!) and then got my new Drivers License this past week (only took 10 minutes - unheard of!)...I'm such a procrastinator and take forever on things but I also knew my work trip was coming up and I wanted my name change reflected on plane tickets and to get my ID in time so I HAD to get this done. Fun stuff! :) Oh and TGIF! Have a great weekend!

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Mrs. W. said...

I can't believe other moms judged you b/c V didn't like the Easter bunny! When we went I saw more kids who reacted like V than ones that liked him. He is pretty much terrifying by definition. Pay them no mind, my friend. You're a good mom!


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