hello, june!

Jun 2, 2014

To be honest, I dread Texas summers because the HEAT. Oh, the heat. However this year's weather so far has been unseasonably cool and not bad at all! The fact that today is June 2nd and it's only a high of 90 (yes, ONLY), is actually kind of wonderful. The month of May was downright cool in comparison to the years past and it was just really nice. So hello, June! I'm actually happy to see you! And since I haven't updated since Easter (typical me), here's what went on with me + us during the month of May.

(Ronnie and I both upgraded our phones to Samsung Galaxy 5s in May and I'm finally loving the pictures it takes (I was iffy at first) and I've also been using the crap out of the VSCO Cam app after I discovered it had finally come to Android!)

We're Spurs fans in our house so them making it to the playoffs has totally taken over our lives! // We've been eating much healthier and grocery shopping is actually more fun now - I love this picture of us at HEB :) // The cutest Cinco de Mayo babe! // A client sent me and some of the work girls to a playoffs game and it was awesome to see the Spurs win and to run into Spurs Jesus! // We had a much needed date night and celebrated Ronnie's birthday, Mother's Day and our 1 month wedding anniversary (that makes me laugh) all in one. We went to the Luxury for dinner and beer, Rosella for coffee and ended the night at Target ;) // Mother's Day was wonderful. Landa Park in the morning with his mom and then the afternoon with mine. // Violet has taken off this month and become the most talkative, outgoing little thing ever. We're so proud! // Mama got her first haircut since last September!

Violet's not only more outgoing but she's become even sillier, if that was even possible. I'm totally in love with this age. // I painted her toesies for the first time! I used Piggy Paint and highly recommend it for the littles. // I went on my annual spring work trip and this one was at a Disney Resort. Holy gorgeous!! // We hired these 3 celebs for our conference attendees to get a photo op with and you know I took advantage of it too! // Returning home was the best! What a difference from the last trip I took. She was sooo excited to see me and loved all her Disney presents. // Ronnie has taken off with his landscaping hobby and our yard looks great. We've been making many trips to garden stores. // Could she look any bigger here?! // We had a ton of rain last month and I actually loved it. I hope June brings more of it!
That's that for May! 

I've totally slacked on blogging but I'm always on Instagram (where all these pictures were posted) and I also spend a ton of time on Twitter because it's fun and because none of my nosy family hangs out there (ha) so follow me there!

Happy June!

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