A wedding story.

Apr 14, 2014

In case you missed it, Ronnie and I got married last Friday!!! :) About time!

I apologize in advance for this novel... Ok so for anyone who's new here or forgotten, in early 2011 we cancelled our "big" November 2011 wedding. I was actually relieved (I haaated wedding planning) and then a few months after cancelling - I got pregnant. I felt a little guilty that we wouldn't be married by the time we had our baby but it didn't bother either of us all that much. We already FELT like a family and marriage was never really a necessity for me. I was also relieved that I wouldn't be getting married that November, 6 months pregnant! Not drinking at my own wedding was not an option. ha!

Fast forward to late 2013. Ronnie and I decided we just needed to do it already. We just felt like it was time for us to legally be a family and for me to finally share my daughter's last name. I hated not sharing that with her! So we decided to just elope and planned on December 30th since I was off work all that week. We'd get married and then go on our honeymoon! But then, Ronnie got a job in early December so we had to forget about him taking off any time to get married! When that didn't work out, I didn't choose a second date. I'm sure my friends were tired of hearing about my plot to elope but I kept putting it off - mostly because of nerves. Ronnie's parents knew it would be happening at some point and were thrilled. My parents however were not and that's been stressful. Finally, my good friend/coworker said "I'm going to help you plan this and you're gonna make it happen." That was April 2nd. The week before I actually got married! 

So there I was, making calls, making an appointment with a JP, ordering a dress online. That weekend we bought Ronnie's clothes and Violet's dress. The week OF the wedding, we ordered our rings on Amazon (yay Amazon Prime 2 day shipping!), I bought shoes and accessories and booked a photographer. The night before my wedding, I painted my nails, colored my hair (probably shouldn't have done that one. ugh.), made a couple props for our pictures, and made my bouquet! It all happened so fast and I was sick to my stomach nervous! ha

Then, Friday morning. THE WEDDING DAY :) We rushed all morning to get ready, ran late and even forgot the wedding license and had to turn back for it...But we finally made it to New Braunfels, in time for our 11 am wedding! NB is an area we've spent a lot of time in as a couple and Ronnie grew up near there and his grandfather's picture is even up in the courthouse so it's always meant a lot to him. We were married in the adorable gazebo in their Main Plaza. It was windy and cool and just a totally gorgeous spring morning. It was just me, Ronnie, Violet, the JP and our photographer - and it was perfect. The ceremony itself lasted maybe 5 minutes and then we were married! After that, we took some pictures then walked over to our favorite bakery across the street where I surprised Ronnie with a small wedding cake I'd ordered. We ate cake, took more pictures and by 11:45 or so, our little wedding was over. Aaaah! We headed to the coast afterwards for a quick family trip and had fun for a bit but the two year old wasn't having it so we cut the trip short and just had a really quiet weekend at home. It wasn't our honeymoon anyway so at least we have a fun trip to look forward to later this year. ALONE! haha

I'm just so excited we finally made it happen. I should have our pictures from the photographer next week and will share some then! Thank you again for all the sweet comments on IG and here on the blog. It feels good to finally be a Mrs! 


Faith said...

Yay! Congrats Mrs!!

Charlotte Chadderton said...

awww congratulations :)
wedding planning is stressing but at least you finally tied the knot,
here's to many years of happiness.

x x x

Suze said...

sounds perfect! congrats and best wishes :)

Lauren said...

Sooo excited for you, congrats!!!! :-)

Vicki P said...

Your wedding sounds perfect. At the end of the day it's not about the huge hoopla wedding, its about building and celebrating a life together! :) Congrats again my friend!

Mrs. W. said...

I love this post and I love your wedding. I want more pictures!!!

RitaMarie said...

Hey! Someone asked to see my wedding on offbeat bride, so I popped back over there and I saw your comment so I thought I would check here to see how your wedding finally panned out. Sounds like it was a lovely day!!! :)

Yay to being married!

(also, I opened a new blog; I had closed down the old one. the new one is at livingalifewellspent.blogspot.com)

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