June. Two Months Later.

Aug 20, 2014

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am so grateful for Instagram. It's quick, easy and I can use it from just about anywhere. I can't say the same for blogging, hence my absence this summer! Since I blogged about our month of May, Ronnie has gotten a Saturday/Sunday job working for a courier service. It's surprisingly great money and has helped our one income family a bunch! He still had a ton to do with summer school these past two months though so adding the job has been an adjustment and we both hate that it takes him away from spending time with us on the weekends. 

So having said that, our summer has been stupid hectic. Basically Ronnie's with Violet all day while I'm at work, then I get home and take over so he can study/do homework. The afternoons when he had class, my mom would watch Violet. Then on the weekends, she's all mine while he works. It's been tiring to say the least. We haven't spent much time together as a family this summer but the positive is that we've both gotten a TON of one-on-one time with Violet. I don't get nearly enough of that being a working mama so that alone is worth everything! Ronnie is finally done with summer school and has this week off until he starts back at Texas State next week. Then the week after that, Violet starts school for the first time!! So much to talk about, so little time. That'll come later though. For now, PICTURES.

I have pretty much a crap ton to share so I narrowed it down to just 16 from the month of June. Next post will be dedicated to July and before you know it, I'll have gotten busy again and I'll be making a very late August post. If we're not already Insta-friends, follow me there so you don't ever have to miss out on my exciting life! haha!

1: Her water setup at home. One of the last weekends we had together before Ronnie started working! :( // After a bout with a broken flat iron, I got a new one and was happy to be back to normal! // This was the month of phrases. She started putting two words together and just took off from there. This was "roni cheese" :) // Just a random new beer mama tried. 

2: I hope she doesn't ever need glasses but if she does, at least she'll look cute. // I let her play in the rain and immediately felt guilty and worried that she'd get sick. She didn't. I need to chill. // My mom totally spoiled her with water fun at her house this summer. // "Tinky feeeet". Another new phrase she added and thought was the funniest ever. And oh, the giggles. They are the best ever.

3. Meeting another animal friend, this one was my cousin's cat and SO freaking cute. // Ronnie got the best Father's Day gift ever - a Spurs Championship! // Date night of the month at Gartenfest. German food + beer. Nom! // We went to a baby shower and my child acted like a wild fool and was in everyone's way but she looked sweet and quiet in this picture beforehand. Ah, the truth behind pictures. ha!

4. We've made so many trips to Home Depot and Lowe's this summer, it's ridiculous. // Another trip to HD I believe, this time wearing her favorite hat of the summer. lol // More shopping with my girl. This time, Target. Because mama is always and forever an addict. // A new swimsuit from you guessed it, Target. And more water fun at you guessed it, her spoiler of a grandma's house.


Mrs. W. said...

Yay! It's you! I miss your blog even though I see you on FB and Instagram. :) What a busy summer for you guys!

Unknown said...

Yay I just started back blogging too, glad we can catch up even though I see you on IG and what not like Meghan said ;-)


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