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Nov 29, 2009

So a friend of mine put this crazy idea in my head this past week. He's a pastor and said he would be performing (is that the right word? ha) a wedding on the Friday after Thanksgiving, downtown at a RiverWalk hotel and it would be right at the the time of the Christmas tree lighting and when all the lights along the river get turned on, along with the River Parade.. How perfect, huh?!! So I thought, what better of a day and place for US to get married next year! I've always loved downtown so I was shocked that I never thought of the idea myself. Especially with how much I love downtown during Christmas time!

So Ronnie & I had plans for a double date on Friday to actually go downtown for the Christmas River Parade so we were excited to have the chance to really look at which hotels had the best view, etc... Once we got there, I took note of all of the hotels that face the river, lighting, etc.. And I started researching pricing as soon as I could..and just as I suspected, with a wedding my size, to have it at one of these hotels would be around $20,000. Yeah, not so much.

So my dream was short lived and now I'm on the lookout for ANYONE who has connections at these hotels. Because what I'm hearing is that the Friday/Saturday after Thanksgiving is a perfect time because it's usually wide open availability. (Which would mean changing dates but that's OK w/me!) But as far as pricing? I need help! I either need to hit the lottery, find a hook-up or just move on.. I have a feeling it will be the latter.. I will be sprinkling some fairy dust or maybe some fake snow in hopes that we can find a way to pull this off!

I want so badly to get married downtown at that time...because of this:
and this:
and super romantical things such as this:
These are all pictures I found of our downtown and just looking through all of the ones I found really sealed the deal.


ON 11/26 OR 11/27/2010 :)

I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle!!! :)


Amanda Roo said...

Hmmm... I wonder if this was my cousin that got married. I believe that was her original spot when she was getting married last year but now it's a different guy and a different year. They live in SA and were getting married on the day after Thanksgiving...

Cee said...

Those pics are amazing...looks like it would be an awesome site. I wish I had connections but I have never even been to SA :( Good luck!

Jessica said...

My Fiance and I are getting married on 11/27/10! Unless something crazy happens. So I think that date is an awesome date but I have heard you get better deals on Fridays or Sundays.

Becky said...

Oh that would be so awesome! That would be a magical wedding!

Vashelle N. said...

Hi! I was just browsing around and was happy to stumble upon a Texas blogger like yourself :). I just moved far away from Texas and miss it dearly.

I really like your spot here. Come visit mine sometime!

Best wishes.


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