Nov 20, 2009

Thanks for the advice on my previous post! I've been coming home pretty drained so I hadn't checked the blog until today, whoops!

I know I should be focused on booking a venue but that has been overwhelming so I've been focused on photography lately. And you are right, Amy - I've thought from day 1 that I CANNOT cheap out on photography. Especially since I love pictures so much, I know how devestated I'd be if I had crappy ones!! So I've decided a good chunk of my budget WILL BE spent on photography. I've been researching a bunch lately and I think I'm settled on Whitney Lee Photography. I have not contacted her yet but I still need to choose my photographer from there: Whitney, Leah or Amanda (they're at 3 different price points) and they're ALL awesome! But if you have a moment, please take a look at their portfolios and let me know your opinions! They're super affordable for how great they are! Here are a couple of my favorites, one an engagement photo and the other of a wedding party.

The first picture taken by Leah, the second by Whitney Lee...
Taken from their photo blog:


Cee said...

I like them all! The prices seem pretty reasonable too for all that you get. I have seen some photographers where everything is extra (engagement pics, second photographer etc..)It's nice to have everything included!

Amanda Roo said...

I went cheap on the photographer and I knew better. I do not like my wedding photos at all :( This is the photographer I wanted to use. I love her photos and I stalk her photography blog even still lol
btw, She travels ;)


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