These ladies are SO invited!

Jun 9, 2010

The wonderful ladies over at 100 Layer Cake are ah-mazing! I read their blog daily and am stealing finding SOOOO many amazing ideas from the real weddings that they post and from of course, these wonderful ladies!

One idea I'm majorly in love with is for my bridesmaids to carry balloons instead of flowers. Um, heck yes!

(borrowed from this post on 100 Layer Cake)

I have always been a HUGE fan of balloons. It's probably the 80's child in me but I LOVE them. I even have a balloon charm on my charm bracelet, a tattoo planned that includes balloons (seriously, appointment's been made) and my favorite thing to do for birthdays is give balloons!

I have yet to tell my mom (an ex-florist) about this fabulous idea but I'm sure she'll love it. Or die of dissapoint. ha!

But as you can tell, I'm finally starting to get into this wedding planning thing. And I blame it all on 100 Layer Cake! :) ... I'm also down to a couple of venues but don't want to share too much because I think I jinx those things by talking about them. But I will definitely keep y'all posted!

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