30 Day Blog Journal - Day 6

Aug 10, 2010

Today will be my 20 Favorite Things! I've loved reading all of your lists, ladies! This is a really tough one for me but only because I love SO many things, it's just hard to narrow them down! So here ya go and they're not listed not in any particular order:

1. Ronnie
2. Our animal children
3. Spending time with my immediate family
4. Fall & Winter
5. Liquid eyeliner
6. flip flops
7. laughing 'til my sides hurt
8. Margaritas
9. Being a born and raised Texan.. (and still here :)
10. The Beatles
11. Sour Patch watermelons
12. Road trips
13. Getting my hair did
14. bright colors
15. Reading poetry
16. California vacations
17. Tulips
18. Ironing (yes, really!)
19. Drinking wine whenever the heck I want!
20. Finally buckling down and deciding what to do with my life (about time, huh? :)


Mrs. Lopez said...

Oh i should have put getting my hair did. That is one of my favorite things!

Jessica said...

I live for hair appointments!! lol.. I lucked out to have a future sister in law who's an amazing hair stylist too! :p


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